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Child Abuse Endemic

Updated on February 26, 2015

THE LAW as we know it:

IF OUR GOVERNMENT AND SHADDOW GOVERNMENTS WERE IN THE LEAST BIT CONCIRENED ABOUT CHILD ABUSE THEY WOULD ALL JOIN IN UNISON TO PASS DANIELS LAW: And it could be done in a month, without opposition! But as you see, they quibble and dither. WHY? Because it is cheaper to accept it as collateral damage than to prosecute! WHY? Because if the prosecuted in every case our courts and prisons would overflow: That in its self proves the enormity of the problem!

Before the written word:

Before the written word:

Pictures were used as dialogue & a factual statement of concept could be depicted:

With the introduction of the written word, came also, ambiguity: For this reason, no one can deny the inadequacy of the written word, to accurately describe any given concept:

For this reason & because of the multitude of laws that have been made, to correct inadequacies, over the centuries: Our laws have become full of loophole’s & people escape justice!

To block these loopholes we need to revert to the most basic of laws: That is to say, those laws must contain the minimum of textual content, Allowing for adjudication, discretion.

An: Anti abuse Law

An: Anti abuse Law, presents the adjudicator with a one word charge ABUSE: The adjudicator & court, then decide whether an offence of ABUSE has been committed or not. (Considering: society’s peoples, accepted perception of abuse).

But remember if the defendant is not found to be guilty of ABUSE, then the plaintive would bear the costs: In this way the act in its self, polices its self against Abuse!

If it is deemed that an act of ABUSE has been committed, then the plaintive has the opportunity to peruse further action, within the judiciary, because the charge has been upheld.

Where are the learned

The devastating impact domestic violence can wage against the children who witness it is, TRAUMA.

**We are seeing a number of cases’ where a spouse has been severely attacked in the presence of children, Perpetrator jailed & yet, Courts are saying that the perpetrator has the right to see the children.

Now forgive me if I’m a little thick, but I would say there is a clear case of child abuse! Because: if the child/Children were forced to witness the attack, it is a clear case of Psychological Abuse.

Where then I ask myself are the learned amongst our child services, police & social services! Not getting involved in a test case a! CARERS!


NOTE: Your: Right! Make a formal allegation of psychological Child Abuse, in writing, keep a copy, & get an acknowledgement of receipt: Of your formal complaint of Psychological Child Abuse! You may want to deliver it by hand or Registered Post, Once you have some sort of proof: Give it a reasonable time, say a week & if you have heard nothing. Go to your local court and ask the judge/magistrate if you can “supine” the Social Services, to inform the court why no action has been taken.

Anti: Abuse Act

If Daniels Law and or an Anti: Abuse Act, were passed all of the above scenarios would be deemed ABUSE: So you can see why our government and shadow governments will not act.

Government officials have no reason to fear recourse through the act/s, if their actions are honourable and above board. Of Corse: neither act would, affect the normal protective immunity’s.

YOU hold the POWER

YOU hold the POWER to change this country's attitude to abuse.

YOU hold the power to make the government act.

IF YOU want to see abuse STOPPED in the UK. However drastic you may deem it to be, the implementation of “Daniel’s law” and an “Anti: abuse Act” is the only way.


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      6 years ago

      I got 1 case of HGSS and 1 case of unleashed when they were first reeeasld. Both of those sets caused headaches and very non user friendly patterns. They seems to have 2-3 patterns combined into a single box in most cases. I actually had to open about 75% of the packs of each set to get all the expected primes/legends.


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