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Child education in third world countries

Updated on June 13, 2013

Education facts in third world

No one can ignore importance of child education. Education develops character, future and personality of every human being. Unfortunate due to financial difficulties and lack of facilities education sector is worse affected in third world countries.

There are several factors are working behind poor education system in third world countries. Main factor is raising poverty in third world. Due to lack of education institutions and lack of teachers education system is also badly affected.

In several third world countries United Nations and develop countries are providing assistance and funds to carry out education activities. Now due to economic crises in Euro zone they find it hard to provide financial assistance.

Wars and regional conflict in several poor countries also a bug hurdle in child education. Instead of going to school thousand of under age children are working as a child soldiers.

Importance of Educaion

Development, progress and better future of any country depends of its education system. Good education system develops good nation. Countries who are ruling in present world and progressing leaps and bounds their education system is excellent and worth following. Due to advancement in education and research we are discovering planets far from earth. Several dangerous diseases are now care able. We can predict cyclones and hurricanes several days before. Computer and Internet has changed our every walk of life and every thing is thanks to education and research.

Unfortunately we are living in world which is not base on equality. Due to financial crises and tough economic conditions things are going to bad to worse in Asian and African poor countries and education sector is worse affected. Instead of going to school for better future thousands of under age children and miners are working in tough conditions to provide daily necessities of lives to their families. Due to raising poverty some of them are working only less than one dollar per day.

In several third world countries like Bangladesh, Pakistan and Afghanistan more than sixty percent children have forced to leave their education after first standard or primary education because of financial difficulties and lack of education facilities. No one can ignore importance of girls education and Girls education is very important for every society because mother is responsible for better future and character of her children.

Unfortunately girls education is worse affected in third world countries. In several poor Asian and African countries girls education rate is less than five percent. Several areas girls are not permitted to get education. Once Napoleon said give me educated mothers i returned you educated nation.


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