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Children Future in Third World Countries

Updated on June 13, 2013

Child Poverty

Children are best gift of God and color of our life and nature. But unfortunately due to financial crises and increasing price of basic commodities of daily use children are facing bad to worse in our modern world. According to UNO own estimates thousands of children are facing food crises in third world Asian and African countries.

Several children died every day due to lack of medical facilities in third world countries. Education is basic right of every children but due to poverty and increasing financial difficulties thousands of children are forced to leave their education.

Lack of Education

Education is basic right of every children but due to increasing financial crises thousands of children have forced to leave their education and work long hour to provide basic necessities of life to their families. Main reasons of lack of education facilities in third counters are financial difficulties, lack of schools, wars and conflates, lack of teachers, double standard of education system and corruption in education system.

In countries like Pakistan and Afghanistan sixty percent of children are forced to leave their education after primary education in some areas grills education is prohibited and teachers don't want to go in remote areas and villages because of low salary and security.

Lack of Food

Due to financial crises, increasing natural disasters and continuers wars in different countries like Somalia, DRC Congo and Sudan thousands of children are facing food crises around the world. Things are going bad to worse specially in African and Asian third world countries.

Recently UNO warned that due to worst food crises in horn of Africa and some Asian countries ten million children can face food crises and thousand of minors are at risk of death. In third world counties due to lack of food majority of children are under weight and facing tough challenges since their childhood.

Lack of Medical Facilites

Due to lack of medical facilities thousands of children lost their lives in third world countries. Some Asian and African countries have largest rate of infants death. Risk of mother death is already very high during pregnancy and child birth.

In countries like Pakistan and Afghanistan some remote areas and villages no proper facilities and qualified doctors are available. Some times people have to walk with patient several miles for nearby hospital and clinic. Several countries are not able to provide prevention of disease vaccines to children without help of foreign donors and UNO. After tough financial crises in Europe several countries find hard to provide financial assistance to these poor countries.

Child Labour

Child labor is still continue in different parts of world. Recent economic crises and financial difficulties forced children to work long hours in inhuman conditions. Some of small children are working more than ten hours a day for less than one dollar salary. In third world countries thousands of children are forced to work in brick making factories and carpet making industry which is more harmful for human health.

Child Soldiers

Increasing number of child soldiers are growing problem for modern world. Armies, Illegal militias, war lords and militant groups are using large number of under age as a child solders. Some of them are less than ten years old. Some mafia groups and drug cartels are also using children for their own purpose.

According to UNO statistics Militias in War affected countries Somalia, DRC Congo, Darfur and some other countries hired large number of child soldiers to peruse their agenda.


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