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Children In Tiaras & Honey Boo Boo...

Updated on July 18, 2013

Toddlers in Tiaras & Honey Boo Boo...

I am normally a quiet person unless you see me in a legal debate on some aspect of the law, or moreover, defending my being a chronic Jesus Freak… as can be gleaned by many a religious blog on these Hubpages - but add another topic - that of children’s pageants - that also gets me maddeningly animated. No one can convince me otherwise that such shows like “Honey Boo Boo” or others of the same ilk… should not be rightfully labeled ‘child abuse’ captured on film. Granted, I have not seen the latest pedophilia/child abuse car wreck that is “Honey Boo Boo,” nor will I ever watch it. I made the mistake of watching a documentary on HBO on children’s pageants years ago and I could not finish watching it. It is true that HBO was not exploiting the subject matter, yet it was so jarring to me that I could not stomach it because it was watching these mothers, who were obviously living vicariously off their children’s would-be-fame, engaged in what was to me child abuse and unwittingly assisting pedophiles by sexualizing these children who were barely out of their toddler stage.

Dressing children in grown up clothes like bras/panties and makeup and have them engage in suggestive dancing and gyrating is way beyond the bounds of decency for me – and one does not have to be a Jesus Freak to be offended by these children’s pageants. Even more disgusting… on the aforementioned documentary was a mother having her little boy dressed up in female clothing and prancing around. The question that begs itself is where are the fathers of these children who are subjected to this abuse? Let me be piously subjective, apparently, the mothers of these children do not think that there is anything wrong with entering their children in these pageants and especially when fame/money at any cost can be had… of course, we may surmised that this is so because the grown up version and apt example - The Kardashians - are making loot hand over foot.

To the fathers of these children… grow a pair and intercede on your respective daughters’ behalf; are we not partially to blame when we sexualize our children and make them the attention of would-be pedophiles. Isn't it hard enough to raise them without the street-walker makeup and the trampy get-up? And what of the politicians who are always up in our grills for buying a big gulp, but are sonic-boom quiet on what is tantamount to child abuse manifested in these spates of children’s pageants, notwithstanding their apparent mainstream appeal… I say mainstream appeal because my laptop has trending the fact that “Honey Boo Boo” beat in ratings the vice presidential Republican nominee's acceptance speech. These are the times we are living in: walk down Manhattan and when one sees a couple… one cannot tell who is the male or female in the relationship; there are people judging singing talent shows who have lip-sync their way through their careers (Britney Spears or J-Lo); and no talent denizens are being paid $40 million annually (The Kardashians). Granted, I must be bitching out of benign envy and the fact that come economic rain or sunshine, I still have to pay my burdensome law school loan - but that’s now America!


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