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China Blames U.S. for Its Wuhan Coronavirus (Covid-19)

Updated on March 15, 2020

China is telling its people that America is not being transparent as to how and who caused the coronavirus and about the seriousness within the USA. More importantly, and funny, is that, the Chinese Foreign Ministry stated that the virus, while it did begin in Wuhan, it was brought in by American soldiers who were participating in the 7th Military World Games back in October, 2019. These games are similar to the Olympics, in nature.

The U.S. delegation did send some 280 American service people to participate and many took bronze and gold medals. It is not known if any were sick, but I highly doubt it. According to the Chinese, some were sick with this new virus and that is how Wuhan province was ground zero. This conspiracy news was then sent out within China via Twitter and Internet to over 160 million readers. Of the course, this theory also was leaked to the world, as well.

The Chinese resent that the world is calling it a Chinese virus, a Wuhan virus, because it leaves a stigma on their government and society, so they are offended and now have responded in kind, trying to defer the truth.

December 2019

Even China's National Health Commission as stated that this Wuhan virus began in Wuhan. The most likely scenario was some person ate the rare and protected, Pangolin, that is exclusively in only China. This animal eats bats and others. Bats are common carriers of COVID-19. This person then became infected and sold goods at Huanan Seafood Market and unknowingly, spread the virus via coughing etc.This probably began in early December, 2019, and became known after many were suffering two weeks later after the incubation period.

July, 2019

Of course, there is evidence that points to the Wuhan Biological Lab also there. Some of the scientists in a year before this pandemic began, were working in the Canadian Microbiology Lab in Winnipeg. In the spirit of cooperation on infectious diseases, the Canadian lab did sent to Wuhan Level 3 lab, several samples of Ebola and other deadly viruses. Now, China is unknown as to whether they are trying to develop a bio-weapon (like most world powers), but the same month of this shipment, the visiting Chinese scientists there were suddenly dismissed and told to go home. One of these, had helped discover a vaccine for Ebola.

The Winnipeg Free Press reported that a shipment of unnamed pathogens had been sent to China without safeguarding intellectual property. Perhaps this was why these leading Chinese scientists were suddenly asked to leave the facility. Perhaps samples of others were unaccounted for. However, the whole team of visiting Chinese staff at the Canadian lab were asked to go home due to "administrative issues" never disclosed. Medical research espionage? Samples unaccounted for but no proof of where they are?

It does happen and the Chinese had already been busted for copying the patented formula for a vaccine for Ebola. Could the Wuhan lab have been experimenting with the samples sent from Canadian or a modified one trying to make a biological weapon? Then, infected personnel, unknowingly, exposed others to it at the market?

The only facts unknown are what were the Chinese doing with the samples inside the Wuhan lab?


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