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China Blames USA for Hong Kong Protests

Updated on August 12, 2019
Hong Kong protests
Hong Kong protests
Julie meeting with protest leaders
Julie meeting with protest leaders
American flags in HK
American flags in HK

Let's Blame America!

Until very recently, China has not blamed any foreign entity for the unrest in their special area called Hong Kong. Special because this province was under British control for 150 years until given back to China with agreement that it would remain free and democratic until 2050. It was a sort of "grace period" for the locals to finally decide whether to leave HK or stay under Chinese laws. China has called the protesters "act of terrorism" especially after protesters closed HK Internatiional Airport. China has threatened with the use of force to take control of the HK situation, which could cause widespread rebellion.

The current HK protests have been going on for the past 10 weeks, with millions of demonstrators facing off with HK police and many times ending in violence. To the world outside, it's a head scratcher.

The Reason

HK's history is so steeped in democracy and free speech, it is no wonder why China allowed for a "grace period" for its millions. But China has been trying erode some of the freedoms that those on the mainland do not enjoy. One such effort caused the current protests. China wants those criminals arrested in Hong Kong to face trial in China. HK has more of a British criminal system to a certain degree.To those in Hong Kong, that was the last straw because China has attempted to restrict free speech and free markets and reduce HK's autonomy.

The Politics

It was just this past week, China media came out blaming America, in part, for stirring up the anti-China sentiment. One does not have to look far see why. Trump's trade war and tariffs have angered the Chinese government. While they did devalue their currency, they also released a photo of Judith Eadah, the political chief of the U.S. Consulate in HK meeting with the leaders of the mass protesters. It was fed to the Chinese media outlets stating that she was an expert in subversion in Iraq and now was in HK doing the same. Not only did they name her, but also her family details and personal information. The Chinese media also went on to include the CIA for instigating a "color revolution" similar to those used in former Soviet states 10 years ago. The mass protesters were being rallied by American interests.

The U.S. Consulate refused to comment on the veracity but did call the Chinese government a "thuggish regime" several times in their response.

The weird thing is that up until Trump went to trade war with them, the Chinese did not think the US had anything to do with the HK protests that blocked much business and roads.

But in the very end, around 2040 and later, the fact is that HK residents will need to make a decision about their lives because HK will become part of China under Chinese laws. It will not be a democracy with free press and trade. So, in a sense, the current protests are just a tantrum.


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