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China Is Buying Japan

Updated on August 15, 2012

Just like how the Chinese holds most of the US debt, is making billion dollar deals with US companies for natural resources, the Chinese are heavily investing in Japan, one of their historical enemies.

In just five years, Chinese trade with Japan has jumped from 80 billion in 2005 to over 200 billion dollars in 2012. The two countries have seldom agreed to much and even now, disputes occur. The Chinese hate the Japanese because Japan invaded and controlled parts of China in the 1930's and into WW2. Because of the ailing Japanese economy, however, many Japanese businesses are happy to make mega deals with China now. This is making many local population centers where China has big investments quietly angry. They want the business but it irks them the wrong way to do so.

Over 85% of the population in Japan view China in negative, bad terms. As for the Chinese, every two out three polled in China hold the same view of Japan! For Japan, which use to be the "go to" place for international business and trade, it is no longer. China is the #1 spot, The US is #2, and Japan is #3. Japan held the #1 spot for nearly 40 years in Asia.

The Chinese companies buy stakes in many Japanese companies, just like they do in the US. They have a say because of the heavy investments and are able to influence. Meanwhile, the Chinese obtain cutting edge technology from both countries. But for the Japanese, the distrust is much higher. They have a more sinister view of what China's goals are and feel they are being taken advantage of. Worse, China has been buying Japanese land, which has really caused concern. Japan views China as a threat. Yet, money and local merchants and industry need the Chinese influx of money. Many Japanese refer to Chinese as "chin-koro", which is very nasty. In Tokyo, the city tried to create a "Chinatown" district with nothing but Chinese businesses to attract tourists. It failed.The animosity between the two sides is so ingrained, so distrustful, it is akin to Arabs and Jews. Yet, there are enough Japanese who know they must put aside the resentment and conduct business with Chinese companies for their own economic survival.

Many counties or provinces in Japan are now restricting how much land Chinese can buy. It is a sort of nationalism that happened before WW2. It seems the more the Chinese invest in Japan, the greater the animosity becomes. China is legally infiltrating Japan and many other countries with investment clout.


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