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Who Was The Bully: China Mocks The US After a Dangerous Military Flight Incident

Updated on August 24, 2014

Shenyang J-11B Sino-Flanker Figher Jet of PLA Air Force

J-11B Sino-Flanker Fighter Jet of the People's Liberation Army Air Force (PLAAF).
J-11B Sino-Flanker Fighter Jet of the People's Liberation Army Air Force (PLAAF). | Source

What Occured

I just finished reading a Chinese news article, after receiving information about China mocking the United States following a military flight incident. The US has a contract with China, through International Law. This regulates the conduct of the Chinese military against dangerous pilot decisions, which the Department of Defense and the Pentagon clearly regard as being violated. There have been multiple incidences where the Chinese military pilots have flown dangerously close to US jets, or damaged US electronic reconnaissance aircraft. (As you proceed, I have included translations from a specific Chinese News Release. It is a translation, therefore, it will not make entire grammatical sense but you can get the point of their response to the US. I decided to provide several direct quotes because I felt they were important as well).

According to this article: the Chinese air force combat troops used their domestically upgraded military flight equipment J-11B Jet Fighter to seize the opportunity to try out and intentionally intimidate the US pilot. "Able to meet the enemy off the first time when the United States came to harass machine, indicating the 11B and Taihang engine itself already has a good proper rate, the aircraft can be on duty at any time can mount live off scrambled to intercept state...not just rely on number and performance data reflected on paper, but with the real deal called proven for them to be able to win".

According to US reports, China's 11B naval fighter was barrel rolling and maintaining a 6-15 meter distance from the US aircraft. The article brags, "flying demonstration of our military pilot action was clean and accurate. Imagine fighter planes on the other side of your head position just 6 meters away, it's pilots are upside down staring at your aircraft, which are like living in confined spaces oppressive psychological pressure on people is great". The article continues on the technique of oppressive space maneuvers from their military pilots and the advantage and how it is a "slap to the Americans". The article maintains bragging, " this point mounted under the wings of four silver PL-12 and PL-8 missiles flashed in front of the enemy...both machines have a great invasion of the United States and shocking visual impact of the action, to prove a new generation of air and sea guards skilled are bold and the skill to defend the inviolable dignity of the motherland's territorial airspace of courage and determination".

Who do you think was the bully?

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Who Was Bullied?

The offense is yet to be placed on who was in the wrong. It is clear that China feels as if they were correct in taking a stand against a bully government, while the US feels as if there were boundaries agreed upon and China continues to violate them.

"On August 19, an armed Chinese fighter jet conducted a dangerous intercept of a US Navy P-8 Poseidon patrol aircraft that was on a routine mission," spokesman Rear Admiral John Kirby told a news conference. This leads to the question of China having the right to perform such orders and action. Do we have the right to complain about the conditions endured when we are caught spying and policing another country's military? While many believe that all countries spy on each other, every person benefiting from such techniques would prefer to always be clear on who they are in the political game with, while the offended feels violated. If the roles should be reversed, would the US not inflict all intimidation tactics to ensure that the lingering foreign military is aware of the country's ability to guard itself from attack and invasion. Common knowledge and research will indicate that war is big business, I am exhausted at the continuing immature war game that countries play to compete for the top spot/ Instead rather then governing in a peaceful manner through debate and discussion, it's turned into an Alpha-male beefcake contest. Yes, I said beefcake!

"The skies over Hainan Island were the scene of a major international incident in April, 2001, when a Chinese fighter jet collided with a US Navy EP-3 spy plane. One Chinese pilot died in the incident which forced the American plane to make an emergency landing on Hainan. Chinese authorities detained the American crew of 24 for 11 days until Washington apologised for the incident".

This ongoing tension contributed to the reaction China had from the US's complaint: "Stop thief, funny: China rejects U.S. aircraft called dangerously close", was a tone set by the author as the US's reaction being comical and hardly worth respect. "Not surprisingly, Americans stand out afterwards hoping. First, the famous anti-military scholar Bill Goz on [Washington Freedom Lighthouse] hype website called [dangerous to intercept] and the White House also call this order people are deeply worried about the provocation...Major General John Kirby said Washington protested to the Chinese military through diplomatic channels, said the pilot of this aircraft move was unsafe and unprofessional. White House deputy national security adviser Rhodes said We have expressed our opposition to direct such acts to the Chinese government. We encourage the Chinese military launched a constructive contact, such acts in clear violation of the spirit of the contact".

The article proceeds to laugh at our remarks while stating, "As we all know, the United States is the world's largest hegemonic forces and biggest rogue countries. It's navy and air force reconnaissance aircraft in foreign airspace surrounding several decades of wandering around, watching other countries, military secrets, such as lying on the neighbor's fence spy thief general, disgusting endless. If we stick out into the immediate neighbor while nodding, even if he did not forget to turn tail and run away to blame something, put out by the big aggrieved look. Show people with weak, then people will bully, show people with strong, square get people awe." It is then expressed that they feel a need to "maintain a high level of vigilance and morale in the direction of the southeast coast, in the case of further military action. Notice lose face American can eat this loss may not be this, do not want to point way sick people, accustomed to lord it over them, and will not let it go".

Should US Corporations bring jobs back home and relieve our dependence on China?

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Where Do We Go From Here

While I admit my apparent political literacy with China and the US, I was under the impression that we had a great relationship with the country, supplying their mass populated country with job opportunities through import-export to our country. I must have been mislead by a documentary that took an in-depth look into China's counterfeit market, and displayed China's citizen's deep admiration and imitation for Americans and our culture. Before reading this article, I thought we were economically close, but this only sounds of a familiar essence of sibling rivalry. The actions of the Chinese pilots were clearly taunting, so why are they so fueled to display themselves to us in this manner.

What does this mean for the US's economic dependence on China? We have eliminated several domestic jobs for private corporate profit by using China as our product suppliers for a vast majority of our market. While rumors estimate that China will become the World's next superpower, I am a bit worried about our relationship to their country, and their opinions on us. As our business exchange has not appeared to make our association all gravy, have we made a mistake by allowing such a great dependence on a foreign country?

Do you think a Conspiracy Theory will arise from China's strength display and the beginning of China folding the US's economy?

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    • Gem Legacy profile imageAUTHOR

      Rachel Carter 

      4 years ago from Wherever my place in space is that makes me wonder what was the plan from the beginning, max profit, then what?

    • someonewhoknows profile image


      4 years ago from south and west of canada,north of ohio

      complete dependence on any one country is like cutting off ones nose in spite of it's face.


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