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China Promotes Birth Tourism to USA

Updated on June 18, 2013

I guess, in a sense, what is new about this is that its China promoting it on their websites instead of illegals crossing the border and giving birth in the USA and returning home.

Several Chinese websites offer pregnant women in China money, a place to stay, all expenses paid, in California homes. The woman is usually about a week before she is due to give birth, maybe more, then, she gives birth to a new US citizen. Once mom and baby are fine, they return to China with a US citizen on paper with rights. As the baby gets older, one day, they will be able to sponsor non-citizens

All this sounds like an "invasion from within" diabolical scenario.Yet, it is true. In Chino Hills, California, a upper class home operates as a maternity center for pregnant Chinese women who go to the U.S. on tourist visas for the express purpose of having an “anchor baby,” a kid that would be entitled to U.S. citizenship. Once the kid gets citizenship, then the parents can petition to stay. The address is 15250 Woodglen Drive, Chino Hills.

The US government knows about this issue and is helpless to do anything about it. Some have called for that if a pregnant woman is within a few weeks of giving birth, a tourist visa should not be issued-makes sense. Others have called for a change in law so that one must have to do more than just be born in the USA to be a citizen- makes sense, that would negate many women crossing the border just to have a baby.

The attorney for Chino Hills has filed a complaint that the home is being used as a hotel or maternity hospital for Chinese women in a residential zoned area, so, that may be enough to stop this "maternity" home. Pregnant tourists pay $5,000 and $15,000 (depending on the package) in exchange for a room, medical assistance, and a newborn U.S. citizen (some packages also include sightseeing). The business is completely legal and allows many to take advantage of US loopholes regarding citizenship. Obviously, this is for the wealthy Chinese.


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