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China Will Rule

Updated on May 31, 2022


To understand the present, one must appreciate the past. To predict the future, one must follow the path that leads from the past to the present to tomorrow.

Going back one hundred years, it is almost ‘a given’ that due to the penalties imposed after World War I that World War II would be provoked.

Going back fifty years, one can see the ‘policies’ enacted which would lead to the mentalities today.

Pointless incursions into other countries to engage in unwinable wars to merely enrich munitions manufacturers (who have connections with American politicians) captured the focus.

Going back twenty five years one can see where the world will be in twenty five years, because it is so obvious to the fully operational mind.

The Route

Nations which are ruled by a dictator have the benefit of unquestioned action. There is no actual voting, no dissent. The leader makes a decision, the people support it or suffer the penalties.

Appreciating there were too many people, China enacted its one child policy. This meant every child born was wanted, had a huge support system around him or her, and everything was created to insure that child’s success.

Education was important. Children were pushed as hard as possible, to go as far as possible, and those who fell by the wayside, fell by the wayside.

People worked and had to be useful.

Having allowed Western nations to create factories with a five year tax free benefit had scores of businesses moving to China. Using cheap labour, training locals, and producing products from refrigerators to radios, computers to clothing, meant that when those five years were up, and the Western companies left, China got everything it needed to turn out these products.

Wisely, China did not focus on the Big Markets of the West, it focused on the small markets of the Third World. Chinese products filled the shelves, squeezing out the more expensive Western products.

To get into those Third World markets, to gain the approval of those in power China would offer to build a highway, a dam, a bridge. When the Chinese workers arrived, they brought their families.

Their families created small businesses. Businesses that were open every day, from early morning to late night. Often a family member lived behind the shop so that if it were closed, a few knocks, and it was open.

These shops sold many products from China. They were cheaper than local goods, and often one had no alternative.

As time passed, capitalists in Western nations began to import these cheap goods and shoppers grabbed them.

The Capitalist could buy new jeans for $2.00 US, sell them for $15.00 and the purchaser got a real bargain.

In The West

Whether abortion is legal or not, whether birth control is available or not, women continued to produce children they can not feed or care for. These children grew unwanted except by gangs and other exploiters.

As children aren't important in many nations, little effort is made to raise them. Toilet training is too much effort for a parent who had access to paper diapers. Discipline was frowned upon, and kids who were disruptive in school could be dosed with chemicals to keep them quiet.

In some ridiculous ‘politically correct’ insanity, dumbing down the populations became the new standard. Children were not ‘streamed’ into various classes, so that the best and brightest were segregated from the dumbest but scattered among the classes.

This meant that the class room was controlled by the dumbest and worst behaved, leaving the brightest to tumble into boredom and become demotivated.

As factories were moved abroad, where it was so much cheaper to operate, uneducated Westerners were unemployed and unemployable.

All the Western innovations, whether automobiles or televisions are being mass produced elsewhere and gaining an immense market share. No nation needs to trade with the West when they can trade with China.

The Future

As China rises, the West falls.

Policies to ‘build walls’ or ‘shut doors’ are meaningless.

These are not the days when American trade mattered. It doesn’t. One of the most glaring examples was when the American President decided to shut a car factory in Mexico and within twenty four hours the Chinese were on spot.

As the West is too busy preening itself, it doesn’t appreciate that it is on an inexorable plunge to ignominy.

Each day, the West become more insignificant in world events.

North Korea decides to fire missiles, America blusters, North Korea fires more missiles because it appreciates that America is no longer The Most Powerful Nation In The World, but just another country with no greater clout than Uruguay. The difference is, Uruguay knows it is not The Most Powerful Nation In The World.

As China, and other nations focus on real education, America stagnates to the extent it is now importing the top class of other nations, be it in I.T., Medicine, Science.

No one seems to notice.

There is no policy in the West to build more and better schools and return to streaming. No recognition that the child who can exceed is fast tracked, the child who can not is directed into trades.

There seems no recognition in the West that China has replaced them in almost all areas. And where it is ‘oil challenged’ it moves into renewables so that solar panels are made in China.

In a small way, what is happening today is not dissimilar to how America went from a minor nation to World dominance.


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