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China and Clash of Civilizations

Updated on April 27, 2017

Turmoil in Middle East

World is changing day by day. There are alternating trends in balance of power today. But the followers of the uni-poar world are working shoulder to shoulder to thwart any effort of the self respecting countries to raise their heads before the autocratic cartel of the world.

Middle East and south Asia are the playing fields of the powers and they are snubbing every voice that asks for human rights or justice in these regions. The target is obviously the Muslim nation. In Middle East Syria, Egypt, Yemen, and prior to these countries were Libya, Iraq and African Muslim states like Somalia and Sudan. There were some other reasons a decade ago but today everywhere is Contain China policy. The writer of the Clash of civilizations clearly dictated that there would be a Chinese block in 21st century and the major function of the West would be to become a hurdle in its way.

Status of Afghanistan

Why Afghanistan is playing second fiddle to America or its dear ones? It is a million dollars question. Those who are aware of the political situation and world affairs may guess it well. The world is changing and shifting its balance of power. The Uni-polar world will be no more in near future. Russia is rising and its evidence was the interference in American election. China on the other hand is shunning its fear of America. China is the major contender of the west and especially India and America. It has fixed its paws in Pakistan by investing billions of dollars and this investment is becoming a major expression of safe investment in Pakistan. The Central Asian states and even the European countries are interested in the business deals with Pakistan. France has expressed its interest in Pakistan.

Chinese Emergence

The major issue at this time is the power of China in world affairs. America and India are trying their best to thwart the efforts of China or any other of its ally to enhance their business, economy or military power. But this is not becoming successful so for. The countries are tilting towards Chinese block one after the other and America is feeling loneliness in world affairs.

Strenuous Efforts

On many forums America is trying to ally with such countries as are against China or its block. Same is the case with Afghanistan. America invaded Afghanistan in the name of terrorism which was in fact a pretext to enter the central Asia and occupy its resources. In order to block Pakistani influence in the region it established puppet government in Afghanistan. Ashraf Ghani is a westernized person. He has completely secular even religion opposing ideas. He does not pay any heed to Islam or religion. He just wants his chair by pleasing his mentors. China and India are against each other so America asked Afghanistan to give India open hand in it. India established a lot of consulates near Pakistan borders. Pseudo Talibans were created by these consulates and were sent to Pakistan in the name of Tehreek Taliban. They played havoc in Pakistan. Pakistani Government and Military launched an operation and cleaned the Indian spies and others.

The west is on pins due to this influence of China in world affairs. Pakistan is tilting towards China. India has been shunned by Russia due to too much influence of America in Indian policy making. So those who are against the Chinese progress cannot see her prospering and expanding its influence. India, America, Iran and Israel have made a cartel against China and Pakistan which is working everywhere to derail efforts of these two friendly countries.


The days are not far when there would be some untoward incident on global level. The contain China policy would not work wonders as Russia would also side with China or at least would remain neutral. Need of the hour is to let the nations decide their own destiny and their own friends. It will make the world safer and peaceful place to live.


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