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China warns: USA and North Korea are on collision course

Updated on March 8, 2017
Chinese President and wife:  China worried about situation on the Korean Peninsula
Chinese President and wife: China worried about situation on the Korean Peninsula | Source
Dictator of North Korea:  Kim Jong - un
Dictator of North Korea: Kim Jong - un | Source

With all the shenanigans going on in the Middle East what with Israel and Palestine and the war in Iraq/Syria it seems the medias eye has been diverted. It has been diverted (because of the Mid - East problems) from the equally if not more dangerous situation with what is happening on the Korean Peninsula.

While there is no actual war raging as there is in the Middle East (not forgetting the battle between the Houthis backed by Iran and the Saudi led offensive against them from the air in Yemen) the situation could turn to war. All it takes is one deliberate move or mistaken move and things could quickly go boobs up.

Right now the Americans and South Koreans are staging war games while North Korea continues to test fire missiles (four of which were fired in Japan's direction on Monday with three falling into Japanese waters) and also its nuclear capability.

The Chinese Foreign Minister has expressed his concern over this situation saying the two sides are like trains that are on a collision course with neither side willing or able to back down. He further went on that should that collision occur are both sides ready for what may transpire from that collision.

The United States has installed the anti - missile THAAD system in South Korea to repel any North Korean missiles fired at the South. Wang Yi the Chinese Foreign Minister has said China also feels threatened by the THAAD system and its installment is not helping the tense situation in that part of that world.

It seems when it comes to the imposition of the installing of the THAAD anti - missile system South Koreans have mixed feelings about it. Some Conservatives very much welcome it while others resent it seeing it as red rag to a bull in provoking the North Koreans even more.

Wang Yi feels that China could act as a broker for peace here saying that China must be the brake on both trains to make them see sense. He has proposed that the North Koreans suspend the launching of their missiles and their nuclear tests while the US and South Korea suspend their war games.

Brief Bio of Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi

1) Is of Han Chinese origin

2) Is married with one daughter

3) Born in Beijing in 1953

4) Entered workforce in 1969

5) Graduated from Beijing International Studies University

6) He has a Bachelor Degree and Master degree in Economics

7) Worked in the Chinese Foreign Affairs most of his working life

8) Served in Foreign Affairs Office doing various jobs until made Chinese Foreign Minister in 2013

9) Has been involved with Middle - East Mediation

10) Also been involved Arab - China Sumit


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