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China's Ecological Rape of the South China Sea

Updated on July 27, 2016
Dead fish on Pagasa from Chinese cyanide fishing
Dead fish on Pagasa from Chinese cyanide fishing
Pagasa is the only island occupied by Filipinos
Pagasa is the only island occupied by Filipinos
Chinese dredging
Chinese dredging

China is country that wants it all and is using its clout to get it, wherever the needs are. If the need is in the USA, they buy the land under a public company controlled by the communist party. If the need is in the Philippines, they build railroads and improve infrastructure to get what they want. When they hit resistance, they use tacit force to bend the will.

Recently, the World court in the Hague, sided on all counts with the Philippines as who as the economic rights to the Spratly islands, long under Philippines control. The islands are part of that nation, despite being so far from the mainland. Other islands were also claimed by China. China still thinks the South China Sea is theirs to control and seize. The ruling was scoffed at by China, basically, a fuck you, was their response.

With nobody to stop them, the bully nation continues to plow along and ravage the sea for its treasures and food. Their fishing boats sail within and into Philippines water to deplete the ocean of fish by using cyanide fishing and by using dynamite. These fishing boats are escorted by the Chinese Navy, so when Philippine naval ships appear, guess who backs down?

Forget about oil and natural gas bonanza there needing development, that no doubt, China will do with no opposition, but the Chinese are destroying fragile coral reefs using their propellers to hack clams. The fisherman are there in industrial-like strength depleting the area of turtles, sharks, eels, fish and oysters. The dredging of seven islands, all belonging to the Philippines, in the Spratlys, has caused severe damage to the reefs that once were teeming with life. Even the Court said that China’s policies were so coercive that it imperils the area. Millions of people is Southeast Asia depend on the sea for a living and it is vanishing.

According to a recent 2013 report on the South China Sea’s condition, the coral reefs throughout the area has greatly vanished to only 20% remaining. The Chinese have greatly accelerated this with their large fishing fleets. The Chinese use of propeller harvesting of clams so greatly destroys the reef it renders it useless to sustain life. The building are artificial islands has disrupted the ocean life greatly and it may not recover for decades.

Studies reveal China is raping the South China Sea. Plain and simple. Its commander of the People’s Army has stated that the build up in the Spratlys will go on. Despite the reports and the fact that China signed the U.N accord to preserve marine life, it continues to rape it over and over and over in gang bang fashion rendering it useless. After the recent ASEAN meeting where nations that border the sea try to resolve differences, China announced a “code of conduct” for the region. This code is that nations should not inhabit islands presently uninhabited. Huh, what about those China seized a year or two ago?

It is not retroactive since China got what it wants.


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