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Chinese Air Pollution and the World

Updated on February 13, 2018

American and Chinese scientists have used simulations to determine how much of the particulate matter emitted in China rides a series of prevailing winds known as the Jet Stream. This freeway of pollutants originates over the major Chinese manufacturing sectors in China and the wind pushes these contaminants all over SE Asia, across Korea, Japan, Philippines, Vietnam. It is here the concentration is the worst but the wind eventually carries it over Hawaii and then onto most of the West Coast of the USA and Baja Mexico. The pollution hitting the West Coast since 2006 has greatly increased making for more "bad air" days. The worst season for Chinese pollution is Springtime when the jet stream is strongest. During this time, the West Coast of the U.S.A., has a 25% increased sulfate based pollution. Because of the wind patterns over the U.S., much of the Chinese pollution continues as far as Arizona, Oklahoma, Texas. It seems most of the area east of Mississippi River receives very little of this pollution. It should be noted that some pollution reaches Alaska and Canada, but the most significant amounts are carried to the California, Oregon, and Washington.

The Chinese pollution problem is a major concern for Southeast Asia area, it is there where the weather and health concerns are impacted and impact humans. While all nations in that area create their own pollution, China's rapid manufacturing explosion is to blame. However, it is a problem created only by the consumer, specifically, American and others, for their demand of low cost products in very high volumes. These amounts increase worldwide yearly driving the Chinese manufacturing industry machine more and more. As more and more products are made, there is more pollution there unless mitigated. The Chinese government is fully aware of this but has been slow to regulate and enforce environmental violations.

So, there are many to blame for the Chinese pollution problem and the key begins with the Chinese enforcement of violations and stricter clean air laws because consumer demand will not go down. Otherwise, the world also has to deal with the problem but controlling pollution carried by the Jet Stream around the globe seems like a hopeless endeavor.



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