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Chinese CEO Makes Female Employees Crawl In Public

Updated on May 14, 2013

A Chinese CEO decided to make female employees crawl in public. The employees, who happened to be mostly women in their uniforms, circled the Liberation Monument on May 2nd. How ironic is that? According to China Snack, a Chongqing cosmetics company made their workers crawl in a “challenge exercise” to train them to deal with pressure.

Bystanders were asked by police not to take pictures, however, the word still got out and this is so embarrassing for the Chinese government. I mean everyone already knows that the Chinese do not have much respect for their women, however, this is just low. The worst part of this is that the women willingly participated in this whole show. I mean these women are just as much to blame as the CEO because they are allowing the company to treat them that way. If all of them said no, this whole exhibition would not have happened.

I guess the Chinese culture teaches people that they have to be obedient and successful no matter what. Forget about having any kind of self esteem. Just crawl all over the god damn floor and keep your mouth shut! Do as you are told or else you will be singled out and banned from society! Honestly, what kind of idiot would want to be a part of this society that abuses women?

What about the women in their marriage? They are supposed to do whatever their husband says all the time and keep their mouth shut. They always have to be nice all the while they are being treated like less than a person. Lets not forget they are still killing female children!


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