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Chinese World Dominance

Updated on January 21, 2011

A Welcomed Relief Here in Africa

   It sounds cynical but it is true China is emerging to dominate the world not militarily for now but eventually it will from the look of things. The reason for this is that they are a welcomed partner anywhere anytime around the world. When western business world (I don't know western from what point eh eh) engaged  them to manufacture their products because of  it's cheap labor ? Probably so from the business perspective little did the political class envisaged the rise and rise of Chinese dominance.

The wealth which the Chinese are amassing now around the world is prove to you that their system of doing things will soon be much embraced whole heartedly to the chagrin of those who don't like it. Much of that wealth come through manufacturing. While employer-employee feuds rages on in other parts of the world causing factory closures and manufactures relocating their factories to China, the Chinese economy continues to grow and their people continue to be bettered. Slowly by slowly as they say 'a journey of a thousand miles start with a single step' Chinese dominance continues. Everywhere you look now everything is made in China! All major world brands of computers,telecoms,electronics,clothing you name them when I go to a shop to buy anything of the sort it is screaming at me made in China!!!! 

This has also helped China in another way here in Africa. African governments now prefer to procure their goods from China than from their colonial masters due to cost factor. Here I give you a perfect example our government (hey I am a Kenyan) used to order Mercedes Benz lorries for the military but right now China brand is the in thing now for it costs less and does the same work and bingo another win for China and us too in Africa to grow faster.

Really Chinese emergence in a Africa seem a welcomed relief. Well may be be it is the third force overtaking the giants in world dominance. When I look around our country now the major road construction now is by Chinese based companies something a few years ago it was a rearity. Hydo-power station and airport rehabilitaion they are a major force ther also. Whereas these are happening in Kenya i am sure in places like Ethiopia,Sudan,Zambia,Malawi,Uganda and many more have embraced Chinese mode of business also.

Now lets talk of telecommunications and thier dominance is felt here too. If it is not ZTE it is Huawei powering our telecom industry leaving me to wonder what happened to european companies here? Your guess is as good as mine that c-word again yea the cost factor. The story does not end there you know for there are countless Chinese phones with a fraction of the cost of a Motorolla, Nokia and yes ____ your favourite brand too from europe or Usa even though made in China. How will people not buy them if they can save? Chinglish menus being of little concern as long as you can deceiper what they mean and life continues.

Do i say more? Chinese motorbikes are everywhere now may be the Japanese should be aware of this for this has been their domain but no more and by the way Chinese vehicles are gaining popularity here also hey Tokyo are you hearing? 

Let me wait for your comments for now. Tell me how China has affected you.


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    • profile image

      rollings 2 years ago

      Today I was reminded about this hub after long long sabbatical silence and I am wondering does it still holds true ?