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Christian Occultism: the secret to evangelical success

Updated on June 15, 2012

How They Did It

The argument is not whether God exists or whether Jesus is real. For the sake of this article, let's assume there's something powerful there, divine presence, increased peace of mind --whatever you want to call it. It comes through the image of Jesus, through saying prayers and believing in him. And that early on, the Catholic church discovered the power in this. Their mission began; a misuse of occultism, a severe one. They manipulated the forces of the light with a method of control and power-hungry darkness. Here is how they did it.

Around the time immediately following the death of Jesus of Nazareth, thinkers and leaders of that time realized that by accepting Jesus, a psychic change occured in people, a powerful need to devote themselves to whatever they believed his "way" was. Whether real or not, they discovered that this method was foolproof. Accept and invite Jesus into your life continuously, and a sense of peace arises, at least for most, if done consciously. If not a profound psychic change, then the sense of love coupled with the need to have moral order and follow social customs gives a sense of self-worth for the insecure and uncertain unable to see outside of their immediate social universe. The obvious arises: if we associate this grace of jesus with us and only us, and even preach that people must come through us to have continued access, we will have a political weapon greater than any army. We will have people's hearts and souls linked to our institution and our rules. We will shape our rules in a way that serves our interests and people will more easily accept what we dictate if associated with it is the best drug of all: Jesus. It's like Marx's mantra taken seriously: religion is as good as opium, at least, if it is done well.

Heroin addicts would gladly consent to live in a world where they could get a constant supply, even if it meant living in a corrupt empire. If convinced that living in this empire was the ONLY way to get heroin, they would do it. Likewise, the church said, "this is the only way into heaven." If you don't follow these steps, you will be tortured, i.e. opiate withdrawal. Anyone ever seen someone detoxing from heavy opiate use? Well, perhaps the evangelicals think of hell like this....actually, yes, they do, as many dramatic fear-and-wrath sermons and even evangelical commercials show drug addicts as examples of people not following Christ.

This principle, of taking something valuable, and more valuable than the competition, in order to gain a monopoly of sorts applies to the spiritual world. If companies and governments can influence and dominate people's livelihood and standards of living, could religious and spiritual groups have not that much more power? Controlling people's souls will always be more powerful.

The same principle can be applied in reverse to discounting religion. If, for example, eternal life and spiritual miracles are realities and even unconditional ones at that, why not discredit religion one the populous moves in that direction (read: 2012), and then keep these magic tricks for yourselves to use against people that remain convinced that they don't exist?

These are ideas, but reading the globe like this could produce some interesting discoveries and possibilities. It may not reveal bizarre conspiracy theories like reptilian humanoids, but it could lead to an increased understanding of how cultural consciousness connects with the physical culture and how all this leads back to each person's individual mind.


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    • ramerican profile image

      ramerican 5 years ago

      Yes. It's a precarious situation to be in, knowing his reality and at the same time seeing how the religion and the world, etc, have distorted things and we are later somehow prevented from having some 'criticism from within.'

    • davidlaw2 profile image

      davidlaw2 5 years ago

      I enjoyed your article. I feel sorry for people who don't beleive that Jesus was and is real.