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Christian Voters, Evangelical Preachers and The Mormon Compromise!

Updated on August 15, 2013
Nile Cabbage
Nile Cabbage

Are Preachers Deliberately Flip Flopping?

Many Conservative Christians identify themselves with the Republican party and can be said to have taken over, in shaping the current political discourse within the party. Candidates have to ensure they appease the bases. The Tea Party followers cannot be ignored. Unless to your own peril. This wave unfortunately isn't as clean as one would expect.

The so called conservative preachers who for some reasons seem to be the embodiment of :"values" cannot stick to one talking point. Yesterday, they were preaching about the occult and doctrines of demons. They gave us the qualities of genuine Christianity and how it should be supported by the scriptures (Bible). "Test the spirits" they said.

A Doctrine of Demons

I vividly recall being told that the spirit of Mormon is a dangerous spirit, and that the Mormons are a cult. The Mormon religion is an offshoot of Christianity filled with heresy. It is known as the Church of Jesus Christ for the Latter-day Saints. It was founded on April 6, 1830 by Joseph Smith who became the first president of the Church. Mormons believe Joseph Smith is a modern day prophet of God, just like Moses and Abraham in biblical times and Prophet Mohammad in Islam.

It is claimed, Joseph Smith saw God and Jesus Christ in a vision after seeking answers in prayers as to which church to join. They called on him and gave him a mandate to restore the Church Christ had organized while on earth, form a proper organization and priesthood authority said to have been lost shortly after the Savior’s death.

Joseph Smith cannot be a true prophet of God. This is a man rumored to have had close to forty wives and his visions of a new church came after he was caught in adultery by his first wife Emma. There is also historical indications that young children were being forced into marriages with adult men who acted as spiritual leaders.

Is this not the same story we hear of, with all the other cults out there?

Hypocrisy or Not?

Today, however, it appears the message within the Christian church is shifting. The likely nomination of the first Mormon as a Republican Presidential candidate seems to have caused our compromise. A forfeiture of our so called "values." Our same preachers are now saying that Candidate Mitt Romney who is a Mormon is a christian, not just a traditional one. What changed? what happened to the doctrine of demons? Is this not the same church that baptizes dead people?

Only the Catholic Church seem to maintain that they don't believe the Mormon church to be Christian. Except for Conservative commentator Hugh Hewitt, who is Catholic, and has vigorously promoted a Romney candidacy for President, even writing a book "A Mormon in the White House," defending the idea.

This is very worrying. Are we changing our core beliefs based on our preferred candidate? Are we willing to be led by demonic influence just because we don't like the other guy?

If you are like me, you will start questioning the integrity and perhaps lose respect for these preachers, and decide to make up your own mind. You can't have preachers who exhibit traits of a Nile cabbage. Tossed to and from with no consistency, and causing irreparable damage wherever they show up.

A Nile cabbage is an aquatic weed that grows in waterways. It has the potential to clog waterways and reduce biodiversity by reducing oxygen and killing fish. They also block light, killing native submerged plants, and completely alter the immersed plant communities by crushing them. (See image in right column).

This is exactly what these preachers are doing and I hope you are not one of them. You cannot be flip flopping your message, blocking the light, siphoning the power of the gospel of Christ by misleading your followers to suit your political agenda.

If you want us to support Mitt Romney, who is a Mormon; a religion that is not christian, just give us his personal leadership qualities and convince us why you think he is a better candidate, rather than try to use Christianity and moral "values" to hoodwink the masses, or graduate the Mormon cult to a non traditional christian grouping. You cannot rename demons as angels just because you can't cast them out. After all, we have voted for people who have no christian inclination before. The Constitution does not say one has to be christian to be president.

The sad truth is that, these are the same preachers who willingly continue to spread the falsehood that Obama is Muslim, even with overwhelming evidence of his christian upbringing and his consistent attendance of a christian church. Yet, they are embracing a self confessed Mormon, who even served as Bishop, and has himself admitted to conducting the baptizing of dead people - a form of divination.

This is a sad day for the christian church in America.

I hope true Christian intercessors will pray against this deception. I can't believe what I am seeing. Please pray for your current leaders. Leave a comment, argument or advice. Would love to hear your views.


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    • profile image

      Npainte1 5 years ago

      I think you could claim any religion as a cult if you wanted to, a group of people following the same things. Instead of caring so much about what religion someone is affiliated with why don't we look at the values that that person has. Are they honest, do they have compasion and charity, things like that. I think being a Christian means that you beleive in Christ and follow his set of values, it's not determined by the denomination that you belong to. I know the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints strives to follow Christ. You may have speculation on the churches past but you don't have any facts, in fact you should do more research before you claim things that aren't 100 percent true and maybe take a look into the background of any denomination that claims Christianity, they're all a break off of some other church. Also, no one in the church actually baptizes dead corpses, it's called baptisms for the dead, as in behalf of someone who has passed on without the opportunity to get baptized.

    • Fuller-Life profile image

      Fuller-Life 5 years ago from Washington, DC

      Thanks Teaches12345 for your call to prayer. I think we must soberly approach this issue with much prayer and intercession. It's scary to have our spiritual leaders taking careless stances without thinking of the remimifications.

    • teaches12345 profile image

      Dianna Mendez 5 years ago

      You have posted some really concerning truths that we should all consider with great thought and prayer. I don't see any candidate who at the moment who would be a leader as great as what we once knew (Abe Lincoln, etc.). Thanks for the challenge on this important view.