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Christianity in Politics

Updated on November 13, 2012

When 'right' goes wrong

What I’ve found to be a complete travesty is the unwillingness of people to actually go look at the congressional record, the site – which was put up to keep us informed, and the budget office’s current and past figures. By doing so, if one so chose to search for truth, one would be able to find that this president has been falsely accused of many things. My personal view is that, as Christians, we are given the task of seeking truth and resisting the urge to follow along with any one group who says “we’re on the side of good.”
Just after the great depression, in which Hoover and Wall Street plunged this country into the worst of situations, a democratic president was elected. He implemented programs to feed people and to assist Americans in many ways, to get back on their feet and have ways to support themselves. During that democratic presidency, the economy turned around and new jobs were created. Unemployment dropped over time and things improved. People began to thrive again. Then came war, which plunged us back into an economic recession. This cycle of boom and bust has occurred over and over in this nation – times of prosperity have always been followed by wars, which have always caused a recession to happen. History shows us who was able to make the changes that have brought us out of the depths of despair financially and with very few exceptions, it has always been under the leadership of a democratic president, whose first task has been to stop the bleeding of the American family with program extensions and new programs where there were none.

The millions of Americans who voted this president back into office are not welfare recipients by and large, as much as they are working people who are grateful to a government that did not turn its back on them when their jobs ended and as their benefits and savings ran dry. The serial welfare recipients make up only 13% of those receiving, currently, welfare benefits (a fact anyone can look up). Millions of people are today grateful that their mortgages were able to be restructured and that their benefits of unemployment were extended. They are not lazy, they are people who fell into hard times, just as most of us have or will at some point in our lives, either economically or health-wise.
President Obama implemented extensions to the unemployment and food stamp programs in this country to do basically that. The budget for those programs was elevated for fiscal year 2010-2011 and if you look at the budget office’s numbers, you can clearly see where that budget has been once again reduced, and spending has not exceeded the amount originally budgeted. There is also a phase down clause in the budget that shows that as jobs increase, the budget for welfare type programs is again reduced. This is all public information and available to anyone to see. The Budget Office is a nonpartisan office, empowered by Congress, and responsible to Congress. Yet, in making this argument, there are always those who refuse to just go look for themselves. I've been called names and ridiculed for standing up to the liars and those who would further divide this nation because of misinformation. It seems there are many who have forgotten that we are all Americans, and it's high time we started acting like it.

When this president was elected the first time, a smear campaign ensued to make people believe that he was incompetent and of a hostile religious affiliation. Representatives of Congress spoke of their mission of ensuring that he would be a one term president. There have been movies made that are stated to be truth, memes spread throughout the internet that make various claims that are not true, and numbers that have been altered to reveal someone else’s agenda, which is to spread fear and desperation rather than facts about what’s happening in the economy and in our government. Every thing this president has done has fallen under not just intense scrutiny, but under suspicion and scandal. The things he's been able to accomplish have been downplayed by those who feel absolute misplaced hatred for him,for whatever their reasons are. From what I've seen, that hatred stems from fear and from rumor and lies, and nothing more.

He’s been called ‘the welfare president’ for his extension of benefits that would have left people facing the end of their terms of unemployment insurance, hungry as well as homeless. There were scores of these people who were grateful that he reached out and made it possible for them to continue to feed their children in their times of need. I take great offense when people try to turn that into something hate-filled and ugly, because I don’t believe it was done with any intention other than to help those in need, just as many of our leaders before him have done.

Our economy is still in dire straits, but for business leaders to decide to fire workers because Obama was re-elected is a disastrous decision against our American values. It continues along the same vein as our Congress, which decided to kill Obama’s jobs bill which would have created millions of jobs in this country. Instead it was rejected, allowing our economy to continue the downward spiral – and all to make the point that they were not willing to work with Obama. It’s a sad day in this country when lawmakers and business owners cannot see that the sheer damage done, is done – not to Obama or to their own personal interests – but to the American people and their children, who suffer as a result. It is economic blackmail and nothing more. This also adds to the failure of our families, and takes food from mouths of the vulnerable, to massage egos that should not exist in the first place.

For me personally, the choice to vote was made clear when I did my homework about this president. I read all the stories about his background, his alleged ties to muslim groups, and about his faith in Jesus Christ. When I compared his actions as our president with what I saw and read (both pro and con) and did so with an open mind and NO loyalty to any one group or political party, I was able to come to a conclusion that made many people I know very unhappy. But I did so knowing that I prayed over the decision and felt it was what was right for me personally.

I do not agree with many of the laws in our nation – both under this president and others, nor do I always agree with actions they take, but I do not feel that putting my vote toward a cult member who has lied and switched his stance on every issue many times, is where I can feel confident that I have been led from above.
I can see the clear path that Obama has laid out for our domestic budget and though I think it will take a very long time for people to quiet down and understand the course we’re on, I continue to pray for His continuing strength and guidance from above. I pray the hands of the obstructionists that would rather see children starve than to compromise, will be tied and their hearts turned away from their bad judgment for our nation.

I feel it’s important for those who feel so strongly against the president to understand that there are many ways to look at a problem and its solution. A person who seeks first the truth in any matter, is one that is equipped for the task, in this case, voting in the USA. I personally did not feel putting someone in office who was pro-choice one day and pro-life the next, who knowingly lied to friends of mine about their jobs going to China, and took such great pleasure in disrespecting the dead in Benghazi for political gain, was the right thing to do.

The most we can do as Christians is to understand that no matter who is in the white house, it is just a man/woman and not God. Our faith, trust, and hope has to be implemented by first asking God to open our hearts to what is right and to help us make wise decisions. HIS plan will be carried out nonetheless, and without regard for who we voted for. Considering the number of lawsuits now springing up against Obama’s opponent for benefiting from the auto bailout and hiding those funds offshore, I feel confident that I made a decision I can live with and one that was guided by One bigger than my ego or that of my collective party affiliation (or currently, lack thereof).

My prayer today is that eyes that are slammed shut to what is truth, be opened and able to see that there is one narrow path to Christ and that is through allowing His word and His will to dominate and perpetuate in all that we do. Choosing to follow the crowd is a dangerous proposition for a Christian and as the Bible clearly states “many are led astray by those that know the word, but the word is not in them.” . For me and my house, the gang mentality mounted against our president was not the right course. This does not make me a liberal, nor does it make me party to some sinister plot or evil against our nation. It simply means I refused to buy into the propaganda placed in front of me and chose instead to exercise my right to question and examine facts against rumor and supposition. Our president is not perfect, but oppression of people comes from one source and that is evil. I believe he stands against oppression and that matters to me. Christ in our lives sets us free and in that knowledge we can rest assured that He and He alone will watch over our nation and over our families. Voting against the bigotry and oppression I've witnessed is what I've felt was the right course for what I'd like to see our nation become - one of tolerance for other points of view and other ways of living, worshiping, and voting.
To imply that anyone who voted for this president is any less than a good person doing what they think is right, is judgmental and wrong. I know my own heart and I would never attempt to judge yours. I, as a Christian, would expect that courtesy to be reciprocated.
Blessed be.


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