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Christmas Charities

Updated on December 19, 2011

Are we really the charity givers we hope to be ?

I have bee reading lately with great interest the work done by Bill and Melinda Gates of the Gates Foundation with respect to the wealth they have generated from their good fortunes at Microsoft over the last 20 or so years.

It is an appreciative thing to decide to give away half of your wealth to charity and as of late, the Gates Family are generating interest amongst the 100 most wealthiest individuals in the world to join them in their quest to improve the poor state of hunger and habitatation throughout the world.

Being philanthropic is not a choice that one decides to make with much difficulty and is more one of conscience and deep heartfelt empathy for your fellow human being.

So, why Oh why would there be anything for the super rich to consider. Their personal wealth is large enough to not worry about their and their childrens future wellbeing. I aslo read with interest that Jet Li, martial arts guru and Hollywood movie star has joined Ted Turner and the Gates family to spread the generosity of those more fortunate. Now I am not advocating a communist mentality, but imploring a sense of charity around Christmas time.

So what do you give to Charity

There are so many good causes and charities to consider as we near the Christmas holiday period that you could throw a stick and probably hit a few from where you stand, unless you are at home of course.

Around the festive period, most charities will use much of their resources to market themselves to the general public and encourage their good will and generosity. There are so many homeless and orphaned families and children around the world that I would like to boost their profile with this article.

From a personal point of view, it is even suitable to give of your time as opposed to a financial gift as there are many posts that assistance is needed with these charities. We had the ex American President, Jimmy Carter here a few years ago doing a build a home for the homeless drive and it was so well received that communities still rally to help the build a home charities whenever they visit now as everyone has fun doing it.

There are some folk who will go so far as to donate a car towards a raffle or even give an old car to the fundraisers and charities for their own use, but this is not what most of us can afford.

So, in order for us to help these unfortunate souls around Christmas time, we usually take our old magazines to the halfway house for orphans so that they can cut them up for artwork etc. Volunteering to deliver hampers of food that has been collected throughout the year is also always loads of fun and we meet some interesting people.

Spending a few hours with a charity of your choice as a volunteer is a serious eye opener to how fortunate we all are. We have two cars, a roof over our head and employment.

So whilst you gear up for that vacation to your favorite spot and cook for thanksgiving and Christmas time, spare a thought for those charities that need your help and time. Consider finding out what it would cost to feed one pensioner for a week or an orphan in Africa to put clothes on their back.

Everything that we do to assist with old and unwanted items are easily turned into cash for a charitable organisation. These charities rely on our good will and ambassadorship to help them wherever we can.


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