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Christmas Giving, Christmas is a time for giving

Updated on March 5, 2014
Let there be Doves to accompany you.
Let there be Doves to accompany you.

Christmas Giving

We all get caught up in our own little world, not seeing what goes on in the rest of the world. We often times do not realize just how lucky we are and forgetting that Christmas is a time for giving to those that are in need.

Christmas giving does not have to break the bank, if you only have a little bit to give, just give a little; if all you can afford is a bit of your time then give that.

There are thousands of different charities you can give to or put in some volunteer time at, choose the ones that appeal to you; it will make you feel like you've accomplished something worthwhile. The charities that I give to are: Plan Canada, The Mustard Seed and of course I have an ongoing membership with World Vision and soon I will look into getting a donation off to Pound Rescue.

Rescue a Cat or a Dog
Rescue a Cat or a Dog

Give to the Charity of your Choice

You see you do not have to donate to the betterment of mankind alone; you can also give to those sad and homeless four legged creatures of God’s. Animals need our help too; is an Okotoks based organization that works towards helping lost and abandoned animals, they need our help. Adopt an animal, provide a foster home for an animal, give a donation or give a bit of your time; the choice is yours.

Christmas is a time of giving but you don’t have to stop there, the giving of ourselves should continue year round. Think of the eyes of the poor four legged creatures when they look at you, all they want is a loving home; but ask yourself first, can you provide the love and care that they need? Do Not get an animal then leave it by the wayside to fend for itself, be prepared to make that animal a part of your family and always make it feel wanted and loved.

Give of your heart and give of your time to those that are in need, be they the four legged or the two legged variety.

Give from the heart

Get yourself down to the soup kitchen and give a helping hand, go through your closets and cupboards and take out all the items you no longer need or use, there are those that could seriously use them. If you have children, take them with you, let them experience what it feels like to help those that are in need; let them see what really goes on, build some character.

Christmas Giving to the children in countries that are in dire need of our help is ideal but sometimes our own life situations do not allow this. I know it's easy to say that you should get out there and get yourself a sponsor child, but sometimes our present circumstances do not allow us even a spare dollar to do so. If this is the case give of yourself at Christmas time, Christmas giving is not only about giving money to the most needy charity. Make the time to donate a bit of your energies into supporting one of your local charities that you can easily get to.

In the past few years a lot of families have been hit by hard times and many find it extremely hard to just find a job. Families lost their homes, their life savings and more, this is where going to your local food bank and offering a helping hand will help them; if you have some food items or a bit of cash to give they'll accept all that you can afford to give.

We see the programs on TV and we hear the stories that surround them and then we hear the stories that say our money does not get to the people that are truly in need due to corrupt governing bodies. Be that as it may, we must still try to make a difference.

Christmas giving can start at home, in your local community where you can see your efforts and dollars at work. We think about it and how sad some people are at this time of year and how much in need they are, yet we remain removed from the feelings of their circumstances, we distance ourselves as we often need to do. Be brave and take that step forward, hold out your hand and go to them, give of yourself with no thought of compensation; give at Christmas time because you want to.

When you give you are rewarded in the most glorious way, this you will discover. To bring just a fleeting moment of happiness to another person or creature under God's watch is a feat which is unmatched by any other act, it is a pure and blessed feeling. Christmas giving to those in need is important but remember, those people and creatures do require our Aid year round.

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    • Magdelene profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from Okotoks

      My thoughts exactly Teaches, it does feel good to help others. We need to remember that there are those that are in need of many things and also to remember how blessed we are to have what we do have.

    • teaches12345 profile image

      Dianna Mendez 

      6 years ago

      Great hub topic on an Christmas giving. Your suggestions are all wonderful and will teach one the purpose and meaning behind true giving. As a family, we give each year to a special charity and always enjoy how much it blesses the recipient, but mostly, it just feels good to help others.


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