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All I Want For Christmas Is You

Updated on December 25, 2010

On this wonderful day all I can say is how grateful I am. My husband spent the last 8 months serving in Afghanistan, and was sent home early due to his departing from the army. He did his time, 3 years to be exact-- and his contract is up. While we were laying in bed last night watching Christmas comedies I felt this overwhelming warmth spread over my body. The only thing I could possibly want this year for Christmas, was him. The rest of his unit is still overseas, without their families. I know a lot of their wives, and I feel their pain in different ways. I think Christmas is the most important day to have them home, and I am so grateful to have my soldier beside me.

Each and every holiday passed this last year, and he was the glue which was missing from the entire mess. Living in Tennessee I also didn't get to celebrate these holidays with my family either. I can honestly say I am so grateful to all of those overseas serving. I may have my doubts on the war, and I may not agree with everything. But I do proudly appreciate those who are risking their lives daily for our country.

So today, while you're enjoying your family, think about those who can't be home today. Those we're spending this day without their families, just trying to survive. These people don't get as much appreciation as they should. These men and woman come home as veterans, and rarely have people who show them appreciation for what they've done. They didn't choose to be there, they didn't choose to fight this war. This is our countries war to fight, and they're just in the middle of it all.

Happy Holidays everyone, and a very big thanks to the men and woman of the military. I promise you once you get home,  your family will feel just as grateful as I do today, to have you by their side. This Christmas, I am thankful and happy. I have the best present I could ever have, just breathing in the same room as me.


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    • Rhonda Waits profile image

      Rhonda Musch 6 years ago from The Emerald Coast

      Hi girl I voted this hub up. I am glad your husband is with you now. I know it must have been hard, being alone. Eric went on a business trip to India a few years back. 3 weeks felt like 3 months. Have a great New Year.

    • Reynold Jay profile image

      Reynold Jay 6 years ago from Saginaw, Michigan

      We have a family member in Iraq Medical Corp and he was able to watch the entire Chrismas gathering with Skype. This included his 7 year old son opening his gifts and showing them to his daddy. His wife and a host of family members were there for him to interact for over an hour. It's nicer, I am sure, to have your husband with you during the holiday. Thanks for sharing. RJ