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Christopher Dorner's Cult-Like Support Is Sick And Perverted...

Updated on July 14, 2013

Christopher Dorner’s Cult-Like Support Is Sick And Perverted…

Years ago, when I first came to this country, my dad, being then an Oakland Police officer, was explaining to me who Charles Manson was and what he had done to earn his murderous notoriety. What struck me about Charles Manson was the fact that, not-with-standing the brutal murders he perpetrated or commanded his inner circle to do - among one of his acts was cutting a baby out of the pregnant actress’ (Sharon Tate's) stomach - that he had/has many fans that were in vocal support of this man… manifested in the tons of mails Manson still receives even now. This is the same twisted phenomenon that is taking place with the growing support for the late cop killer, Christopher Dorner.

For those not familiar, Mr. Dorner was a Los Angeles police officer who lost his job for some sort of misconduct. We are told that Officer Dorner, while on the job, had reported a fellow officer for engaging in wrong doing - brutalizing a suspect - and because officer Dorner protested, and moreover, reported the alleged misconduct, Dorner believed that he was wrongly accused and then subsequently kicked off the Los Angeles Police force because he reported the alleged police brutality by his fellow officer.

Dorner was defended by a lawyer, but lost the appeal to be reinstated to the ranks of the Los Angeles Police force; as a result of not being reinstated, Dorner, apparently, used this as a catalyst to go on a killing spree by murdering his lawyer’s (who represented him and lost Dorner’s appeal to be reinstated) daughter and fiancée while they sat in a car… Dorner then murdered three police officers whom he shot, while on the run. Christopher Dorner made his last stand in a cabin and apparently died of a self inflicted gun shot wound, but even before his death… there were those who supported and are supporting what Dorner did... Dorner's supporters justified his murderous spree on what they deemed to be his wrongful termination from the Los Angeles Police... a termination borne out of Institutional Racism and the on-going cover up of systemic police brutality perpetrated against Minorities.

Now, think how asinine and perverted this kind of thinking is… in the cult-like support for what Christopher Dorner has done. This mean that the innocent daughter of that lawyer, who was murdered, including her fiancee, was fair game and was justified because of Dorner’s initial, alleged, wrongful firing. Let us take this to the extreme - because this is what Dorner’s supporters have done… so, as someone who is employed in banking compliance, I am certain that among the banks I have worked for… some must have engaged in Sub-Prime lending that caused economic hardship, including lost of livelihood, homes, and even lives. But with that said, is it then justified, Jesus forbids, for myself and family to suffer the fate of Dorner’s lawyer daughter/fiancee? Yet, we have Dorner’s supporters marching and holding rallies and spewing all sorts of conspiracies and justifying the five murders, including that of three police officers.

I wonder if it would be justified to murder the Colombians, Afghanis (manufacturers of Cocaine and Heroin), and the makers of alcoholic beverages - including the Massachusetts Kennedys who made their fortunes investing in the spirits… since all these vices have wreaked havoc and done grave damage to the Nuclear family. These are the flood gates the supporters of Christopher Dorner have opened with that sort of logic in their perverted, misplaced support of Dorner’s murderous actions. For too long the Civil Rights' Movement in America has become the boy who cried wolf… so much so that when there are legitimate gripes, no one pays attention because of bogus and misplaced support placed on ill-gotten causes like that of Christopher Dorner’s.

During my undergraduate studies, one of my White female professors was telling the class how she understood why Blacks killed because of slavery, Institutional Racism, and the like… perhaps all legitimate social catalysts and triggers - however, I calmly asked the professor that since I too am Black… would I be justified in killing her because my ancestors were slaves too; incidentally, I did not get an answer from the Professor. I have always said that there are Sociopaths among us without portfolios and they live vicariously through the murderous actions of the likes of Charles Manson, Ted Bundy, ... and now Christopher Dorner.


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    • Verily Prime profile image

      Verily Prime 5 years ago from New York

      There are times when I have to become like a mute and this is such a time because you have addressed our social pathology.

    • mckinney5252 profile image

      mckinney5252 5 years ago

      Outstanding evaluation of the corruption that exists within the spirit of mankind. I did not keep up with this incident. Nevertheless, I was aware of the outcome. I had no idea that Blacks were giving Dorner a hooray for his actions. In America we call wrong right and right wrong regardless of evidence proving otherwise. The result is that every type of immoral, criminal, insane and unspeakable behavior finds its home in America. Then once these aberrant behaviors are manifested Americans spend their time debating whether or not the act and actor was justified. But I know as well as you that prior to the act been committed indictors were released notifying someone that something was awry with the culprit. As you have found out, Americans have a short memory and once the shock of an incident wears off, Americans go back to tending their own selfiish individual business. We are going to do it with Sandy Hook, we did it with Aurora, Colorado, Virginia State and Columbine High School. Based on our past, we will do it with Christopher Dorner as well.