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Christopher Jordan Dorner-LAPD

Updated on August 26, 2013

Was he Right

The ManHunt
The ManHunt | Source

Christopher Jordan Dorner went on a killing rampage, going after the police persons and members of their families because, of issues he had against the LAPD.

Dorner join the Navy in 2002, where he served in Nevada, San Diego and Bahain and was given Medals for his outstanding work . One of the question the American people are asking themselves Why would this man with and outstanding record lie about something if it didn't happen.

Christopher Dorner accused Terri Evan, a female trainer of kicking a mental ill homeless person, after he was pulled over. Terri Evan, denied the charges with witness backing her up.

Christopher was fired in 2008 for eligible falsifying records, the decision was up held in 2009 because there was not enough evidence to convict Evan.

No on against the LAPD. Dorner, being a police officer should have fought for his rights, instead of taking the law in his own hands.

Twelve- years ago the LAPD, Caught Rodney King after a high-speed chase, King was pulled out of his car and by beaten excessively with weapons by four white LAPD cops. These cops should have been fired, from the force but was only charged with using their weapons on King. A cameraman video tape the incident which was admissible in court. The four cops who was involved was acquitted.

LAPD cops are known to take actions in there hands, then they get the opportunity to be the Bad boys on the streets. Christopher Dorner family and friends describes him as a caring person-who was dedicated to his job, saying that this was his dream job.

Terri Evan the accused trainer of Dorner went after him calculating his moves as if she had a personal grudge against him. She sorted out ideas and clues saying she was physically sick about Dorne.

Who Knows what Christopher Dorner manifesto will tell about expose about the LAPD.


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    • jada67 profile image

      Maxine Daniels Foster 4 years ago from Boston MA

      Christopher was wrong for taking the law in his hands, when their was other ways to go after the truth. Taking out his anger on innocent people was rude-less and insane. We know that the LAPD can be excessive, look what they did to Rodney King. But what if he is right? I think that Christopher Dorner Manifesto will tell a lot about the LAPD.