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Two Automaker Giants File For Bankruptcy!

Updated on May 12, 2009

So, Chrystler is filing for bankruptcy and who cares. It's not like this U.S. automaker designed anything good other than gas-guzzling machines right? Well, is that the reasy why this giant is going under? Or is there something else involved? What's interesting too is why is Chrystler's rival, General Motors, about to go under too? Doesn't make any sense right?

Who's to blame, is it the global financial crisis or the amount of total sales in 2008?

If the sales figures are low (or was always low) and the economy is so bad right now that unemployment rates have sky-rocketed on a nation-wide scale, is Chrystler blaming the "quality" of their vehicles and its warranty policies? Or is there something else going on? Why push gas-guzzling machines especially now since a lot of companies are going green?  It's a bad idea after the U.S. saw a huge rise in gas prices for 2008!

Another interesting thing is that General Motors is filing for bankruptcy too!  Two huge U.S. automobile companies are folding over at the same time!  I wonder if the chief executive officer is the same guy for both companies? 

How can two huge companies, in the same market, that are rivals of each other, fold over in bankruptcy at the same time?  Something is going on and it's not the high unemployment nationwide rate or people not wanting to buy a new car right now! 


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