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Chuck Grassley, I Invest in America

Updated on December 10, 2017
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Nevada Sharp can drive a stick and buck a bale. She likes to think she's been around long enough to know b.s. when she sees it.

Sen. Chuck Grassley's R-Iowa comments on Americans who are not wealthy investors.
Sen. Chuck Grassley's R-Iowa comments on Americans who are not wealthy investors. | Source

I Am Not a Millionaire.

I am not a millionaire. I doubt I will have 5.5 million dollars to pass on to my heirs when I die.

Because I don’t have that much money, many of the people in Congress don’t believe I deserve a big, fat juicy tax break like those better folks, you know the ones that inherit over 5 million from their daddies.

According to Chuck Grassley, I'm Not As Good As a Millionaire

We have it from Republican senator Chuck Grassley of Iowa, who said, “I think not having the estate tax recognizes the people that are investing as opposed to those that are just spending every darn penny they have, whether it’s on booze or women or movies.”

Well, you got me there Chuck. I get a little money, and I’m sure to blow it on those things. Except—oh wait. That’s right. I’m a straight woman, married to my husband 35 years, and faithful every one of them. I literally can’t drink any booze because I’m allergic to all of it. And, let’s see, I think I’ve been to four or five movies this year. Geez, I must have blown 60 or 70 dollars.

Here's a Little Secret, Mr. Grassley

I invest in America. Past, present, and future, I have invested heavily in America and her future.

I invest in America. I paid an American university for an education which gave me the knowledge and skills to become a contributing citizen who can keep a steady job and make an informed vote.

I invest in America. I work in a public library, introducing children to the fun of reading, helping a fellow fill out an on-line job application on one of our public computers, helping an elderly lady find information on how to cope with her Parkinson’s diagnosis.

I invest in America. I pay my taxes every year, in full and on time. Unlike a certain head of state, I do not think that weaseling my way out of paying taxes for defense, health, infrastructure and education makes me “smart.”

I invest in America. I send my children to college so they can be good workers and good citizens. It hasn’t escaped my notice that the cost of the education they need in our information age has gone up exponentially as our leaders systematically disinvest our tax money from higher education.

I invest in America. And yes, Mr. Grassley, I invest in the only kind of investing you seem to think is worthwhile. I take the money I’ve earned, and I invest it in our companies. My retirement account, and those of millions like me, is invested in corporations all around the United States.

How Dare You Tell Me My Investments Aren’t Valuable?

How dare you tell me that I’m stupid and can’t be trusted with money?

Half of your tax cut goes to the richest 1%--those people who are so responsible with their money that they blew up the economy in 2008 and left us with the bill.

At least $500 billion goes to the hedge-fund managers, the oil barons, the real-estate developers. If I had a stack of money that had a million dollars in it, I’d need 500 thousand of them to equal the money you want to give over to these people because they are more “deserving” than the rest of us.

But it’s okay. Those people have never been known to spend their money on booze or women, or--God forbid--movies.


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