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City of Fat: Society out of control

Updated on February 25, 2010


It’s so mind boggling to me to see people killing them selves and their children and not giving a second thought to it. On every street corner in every city across north America people are getting bigger and bigger and so are the children, they are my real concern. Our previous generations have forgotten to teach us the basics of life, nature, health, happiness and love. They have taught us to be greedy, addicted have no self control and no self respect. Its apparent on every town and city in north America.

Of course it’s not all to blame on the parents and grandparents but rather the era in which they came. Television and fast food, or technology has changed everything, not only how we live but how we think about life. This fast pace life style became the normal we have forgotten to take time and smell the roses, so to speak.

It seems that we just don’t care anymore, we don’t care about the earth, our neighbours, or our families. Values have been throw out the window and an illusion of value has taken it’s place. I want you and I as a society to change, I want to get back to the roots from which we came. I’m starting with my own life and I encourage all of you to do the same. Take at look around your house I bet it’s full of toxic pollution that you and your family are living with. Then look at the food your feeding them and your selves do you know where it came from, do you know what’s in it? Probably not! Do you know how many trees and how much nature was destroyed to build the home or place you live in? No we don’t think about these things anymore, because we just don’t care.

It’s time to care because we are killing our kids by not caring. We have taught our children that possessions and technology is more important then our home earth and more important then us as humans.

When I moved away from the hustle and bustle of the city life my eyes were opened, my heart too opened to new and more awesome possibilities. I realize not everyone has the option to just up and move but if you can take the time to get away even for a day and really see our home a fresh of breath air will change you too, I hope. I now see that it is important to work hard, but that doesn’t mean working for the MAN; working for yourself can be so rewarding and make life happier, more peaceful and maybe healthier. I’m not talking about a small business but rather the business of life. Slowly over the past five years I have changed our families life and opened up our eyes; we started but growing a few vegetables, we started composting, we started buying food from markets and when sales were on. We got rid of cable and satellite and bought used bikes and got some pets.

 These few things have changed our lives forever, we have saved money started eating healthier and started getting to know our children and learning a lot about life. We take walks and talk about nature and the beauty of life, we have fun with outdoor activities all year round and my children are the healthiest I’ve ever seen them and I feel and look great. My kids have a better appreciation of where we as human come from, and  where our food and the thing we have come from. Slowly we have worked our way our to the great country side slowly downsizing the junk in our home and learning to do things for ourselves. And now we are going to as a family build a house, the kids too. Kids need values and they learn these values by influences around them, you the parents and family.

It’s time to take a break from fast pace living and take a minute to see the truth behind it all. We work our asses off to have big houses, fancy cars, nice clothes and for what and at what price. If you didn’t sacrifice something to get something else somebody somewhere did and you should remember that the next time you take you and your family out for some fast food or buy and fancy dress. The price is not worth it, because in the end we have to pay. Lets change our world and remember that not everything can be fixed with money, not everything can be fixed quickly, and there is no buttons to make life better, it’s up to us and the way we live everyday. It doesn’t matter how rich or how poor you are some changes make a big difference and are you kids worth the sacrifice and the hard work. They are the future lets get them their on the right path, healthy and happy.


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