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Cleveland Police Prepare for Republican Convention

Updated on May 2, 2016

It’s been set for some time now that Cleveland will play host to the 2016 Republican National Convention from July 18-21.

Now in many ways this a great thing for the city as it will stimulate the economy of Cleveland and draw media attention that doesn’t revolve around Lebron James or our suspiciously flammable river

However along with these benefits comes risk. The city of Cleveland has reportedly started preparing for major conflict between city police and protestors, as there are going to be an estimated 50,000 additional people downtown during the convention. The city has purchased 2,000 kits of “Elite Defender” Riot Gear for its officers and a 1.5 million dollar “protest insurance” policy

And although the city will likely say no, I imagine Sarah Palin will be offering to police things via her own brand of vigilante justice.This increased police presence may be necessary, but it’s a hot button issue specifically in Cleveland as there have been several cases of police misconduct that have made national news in the past year.

Just when you thought there was enough controversy surrounding security of the convention, up pops a collection of Trump supporters called “The Lions Guard”. Now while the name makes them sound like they were yanked right out of Game of Thrones, they are a very real so called “militia” who intend to “Forcibly protect” rally goers in Cleveland.

hile one can only hope that these scarily vague, minutemen leave the policing to ya know… the Police; it’s shaping up to be an interesting convention in Cleveland Ohio.

-Sean Hill

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