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Climate Change, a Complete Insight

Updated on July 29, 2020
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The climate crisis is currently the biggest threat to mankind existence and its future.

History of Mankind

It is believed that human beings started living on this planet around 7 million years ago. Yes! There are numerous beliefs and theories of how they came into existence. But once they settled on Earth, their biggest dependence for survival was solely on this planet, Earth. As we know that a human's nature includes several needs and wants. Needs are the basic necessary requirements of a human for its survival and well-being. Back then, there was a very low requirement for comfort and luxury or to fulfill wants. The major requirements were only the basic needs. And the human beings fulfilled their needs from the resources provided by the planet Earth. It can be said that this planet served as a home containing all the basic resources in abundance and in the best forms.

Earth provided humans with numerous basic resources. Some of them are listed below:
1. Water to drink for survival.

2. Land to settle upon.

3. Edible plants for survival.

4. Clean air to breathe.

5. Fruits to eat.

6. Mountains and Caves for shelter.

7. Rivers, Lakes and other water bodies to provide clean water for various purposes.

8. Different types of food and different organisms for eating and other assisting purposes.

9. Different seasons and pleasant weather conditions to cherish.

10. Wood for burning, heating and cooking purposes.

11. Clean atmosphere to provide a healthy environment for survival.

12. Different materials for clothing and covering purposes.

And the list continues including enormous amounts of resources.
So, the man started to utilize a huge number of resources provided by the Earth. He took shelter in caves. He settled upon lands and mountains. He drank water. He used water for washing purposes. He covered himself with different things like plant leaves and branches. He burned wood for heating and cooking purposes. He ate plants. He hunted and ate numerous kinds of animals. The human being used the resources provided by this planet to fulfill almost every need and requirement of his survival. In short, the very existence of human beings was never possible without the resources provided by this planet, Earth.

As the time passed and the man used the resources of this planet so much and in numerous different ways, he started to change. As the man went through an ever-lasting process of evolution, he found that he can shape his needs according to his desire and turn them into his wants. He learned numerous different ways of using the Earth's resources, not only to fulfill his needs but also to fulfill his wants. Therefore, as the humans experienced evolution in themselves, the resources they were using also became advanced according to their advanced needs and wants. First, the man used the advanced forms of resources in advanced ways to fulfill his new modified needs. Then he went after his wants. The luxury and comfort became his goals. Change is inevitable. And this change occurred and proceeded very rapidly in the history of human evolution. He found new ways of using the resources to modify his shelter, coverings, food, way of living, way of surviving etc. The humans started making settlements, communities, societies in different areas of the world. The time passed and the advancement and evolution progressed at an unparalleled rate. The humans also progressed with an enormous speed and modified their needs, wants, comforts, and luxuries using the resources. So, basically the planet Earth's resources are being used in each and every aspect of human life today. But the most alarming point is that in all these eras of advancement and evolution, the human missed one thing. And he is still ignoring it, thinking that it is not even an attention worthy issue. And that issue is; the unmeasured amounts and ways of using these resources of the planet, Earth.

Since the beginning, we have used the resources in an unsafe manner. As the man advanced, his only focus was luxury, status, resources, comforts etc. We never paid any attention to the ways in which we were proceeding and we never thought about the results and the consequences that we will have to face in future. We misused the resources. We used the resources in an unsafe manner and in an unsafe amount and then we didn't even take any safe measures to prevent the by-product impacts on our world.
And today, our actions have led us to the point where the extreme results of our actions are coming to life and they are not only imposing danger to us and our existence but also to the future of our planet Earth. This is what we have done all this time in return of all the resources and comforts that this planet gave us. In short, we never cared. And we are still not caring.
We have polluted Earth in extremely terrible ways. We have polluted and poisoned its air, water, land, forests, atmosphere, and its precious organisms. Our actions have not only ruined the natural environment but also the natural balance of human health. Hundreds of diseases are affecting humans and animals frequently. Following are some of the major toxic doings of human beings:

1. Water bodies have been extremely polluted and poisoned by enormous amounts of toxic wastes and chemicals including plastic and factory wastes. Due to this ou

2. Land has been polluted and poisoned all over the world due to the toxic chemicals and wastes thrown by us.

3. Air is being continuously polluted and poisoned by the extreme burning and unmeasured usage of fossil fuels all over the world for industrial and transportat

4. Thousands of trees are being cut so frequently all over the world. Extreme deforestation is destroying the natural habitat and in turn destroying the natural


The result of all these toxic activities of human beings is an enormous and destructive cycle of climate change. This climate change has already been triggered and we are exactly at the verge of devastation. The climate change is demonstrating the following catastrophes all over the world:

1. Global warming is rapidly increasing due to the huge amounts of emissions of chemicals and gases like carbon dioxide from different industries all over the w

2. Water scarcity and drought has become a very serious threat to the well-being of both the humans and animals all over the world.

3. Sea levels are rapidly rising. Vigorous storms have been recently reported to have destroyed numerous villages, towns and cities.

4. Glaciers are rapidly melting due to the increasing heat waves in arctic regions causing calamities like extreme flooding conditions and endangering the exist

In short, all this destruction is majorly caused by our actions. We must take it seriously now and we must take extreme precautionary steps and measures timely in order to prevent the extinction of mankind and to ensure a future of well-being. We must act now or there will be no way back from this. All the tools and doors are present. We only need a goal-oriented initiative all over the world and for this, the world leaders must think out of the box in order to control this ultimate global climate crisis. Otherwise, none will be safe.


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