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Climate Change in Pakistan

Updated on November 8, 2015

Climate change

It is observed from last few years that there is unusually different cycle of seasons; the duration of summer is increased and we are experiencing a very intense weather in summers. Not only summer, the winter season is also more than intense. If we take a look on overall climate of Pakistan, whole country is facing very intense weather, intense summers, extreme winters, short period of spring and autumn. The climate was not the same before. Take example of Karachi, the biggest city of Pakistan, hundreds of people died in this summer season only due to the high temperature. Karachi’s climate was never like this, even in the hottest months June and July, there was a very pleasant weather in Karachi.

This climate change caused a lot of complications and troubles for Pakistan. Unexpected floods, non seasonal rains, long period of summers, allergic reactions, arousal of different diseases as a result of seasonal changes and many more problems. Pakistan is facing all of these and the reason behind is the spread of industries to residential areas, diffusion of ammunition in atmosphere, extra use of petroleum products and wrong policies of authorities. The population of Karachi is more than 9.339 million, and there is no proper planning for residential colonies in many areas. People are living in much suffocated small houses in dark and suffocated buildings, which is the main cause of deaths of people. The lack of awareness about handling of heat stroke leads many people to death.

The change in climate is also due to unpredictable behavior of Arabian Sea where the unexpected changes are happening. Global warming is also directly affecting Pakistan despite off the lowest green house gas emission from Pakistan. The solution of all these problems is “precaution”, if people want to avoid diseases, heat strokes and unusual effects of weather, they should adapt some precautionary measures. Try to avoid sun exposure in hot days, and drink extra water to hydrate the body. For the people living in much suffocated areas, government should take steps to make spacious colonies and residential areas. Some awareness campaign is needed to create awareness about precautionary measures from climate changes.


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