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Climate Changes Cause Dire Oxygen Loss in Oceans

Updated on February 1, 2015

A new study reveals a dire, slow death, of the world's oceans at a much more rapid pace that siphons out precious oxygen. Without it, sea life dies. Without that, so do we to some degree. Scientists have long known that in the deglaciation period there were increasing temperatures, surging levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and rising sea levels. This is a period that did occur 10,000 years ago. A period when glaciers of ice melted. Life then, became extinct in some areas. Core samples from the ocean floor tell a story of plummeting losses of oxygen levels in the ocean during this time.

Today, the same dire consequences are happening after core samples taken from the the Pacific and Indian oceans tell what the future will be by 2100. The cores provide the health state of the oceans. Like 10,000 years ago, scientists are sounding the alarm of the same plummeting loss of oxygen levels in the oceans. As the oceans become oxygen depleted, more and more species of sea life will vanish and die. This will impact food supplies to billions of people who rely on it. When it is gone, they will turn to other food sources and put increasing pressure on those ecosystems until they deplete and so on. The report showed that no matter where the core samples were taken, the result showed the same dire data- dramatic loss of oxygen in the ocean. It is all tied to rising surface temperatures, high carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere from emissions from all sources, and rising sea levels. Oxygen loss has occurred in water as deep as 3000 meters and as shallow as 100 meters.

Every so often, mankind experiences an unexplained or rare phenomenon. In the past, there have been sudden loss of sea life that have experts making guesses as to what killed them. Some state oxygen depletion or other that is related to this problem. 2014 was the hottest year for the world ever recorded. This is the fourth year of drought for California and other weather extremes occur elsewhere. Global sea level rose 6.7 inches in the 20th century. The rate in the last decade (since 2005), is nearly double that of the last century! Greenland lost 36 to 60 cubic miles of ice per year between 2002 and 2006, while Antarctica lost about 152 36 cubic miles of ice between 2002 and 2005. The oceans, as the study shows, are becoming more acidic due to the two billion tons of carbon dioxide being absorbed. Carbon dioxide has dramatically increased with China becoming a new manufacturing giant. As the ocean becomes more acidic, sea life dies.

The problem is worldwide, yet unless all major industrial nations really decide to halt the pollution, mankind is basically committing suicide, much like a person who smokes cigarettes. They know they are paying for their own death. They know what the future will be if they continue.


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    • Goodpal profile image

      Goodpal 2 years ago

      Earth has survived many human civilizations in the past. It has inbuilt mechanism to restore its equilibrium. The question is: Can people and their societies exist in hostile conditions on the earth and do they have "reset" button like the Earth?

      So, it is life on the earth that has worry about its safety from sudden natural disasters that have become too frequent in recent years and decades.. Humanity survives only till the weather pattern is not too hostile and the planet contains quality resources for people to eat and live.

      It is certainly hard for many humans to believe that they can ever be held responsible for any global problem. So the entire debate between CC deniers and believers will continue on the lines of believers and non-believers in God!

      I always wonder how living people can't stop disagreeing on every issue. Perhaps that's why peace always lies with the dead!!!

    • Ardot profile image

      Ardot 2 years ago from Canada

      The Earth is more complex than we know, it is able to correct itself. My belief is that all the "climate changes" we are seeing are natural weather patterns that have already happened in the past and will happen again in the future. Some scientists say we're actually headed towards another mini ice age, before cooling comes warming. Ice caps melt, water levels rise, ocean currents change, earth cools.

      I used to be a die-hard global warming believer, until Al Gore came along with his Carbon Tax....(made me go... "hmmm") I can't buy into the doom and gloom climate Armageddon anymore.

      Here's the way I see it, even if humans are causing this and we're toast in the end.... in a few million years, the Earth will have "re-set" itself, and everything will be just fine, minus the humans. Might not be such a bad thing.

      Thanks for the article, one of my favorite topics! So many different views.

    • perrya profile image

      perrya 2 years ago

      Suffice to say, one either believes it or not. There mounting evidence of Arctic ice melts in extraordinary amounts, immense amounts of pollution from China, and epic droughts like in California. Many people are in denial.

    • Superkev profile image

      Superkev 2 years ago

      How many times has Algore said that the North Pole would be ice free by --insert date 5 years from when he was speaking here-- and when that date comes and goes with no such occurrence does he make another dire prediction, just little further out? We have been on the cusp of doomsday for the last 25 years according to him.

      The computer models the IPCC has relied on for all this crap are provably flawed and inaccurate -- the same ones mind that predicted monsoonal rains and flooding in the horn of Africa (You know, that place that is still suffering from famine and drought??)

      Even the IPCC admits there has been no warming for the past 15 years at least. And guess what? The computers did not predict that either. How many failures does it take before people admit these enviro-wackos are full of it?

      I would suggest you taking a serious look at this video:

    • Goodpal profile image

      Goodpal 2 years ago

      GW or CC issues are side effects of lifestyle of "developed" humans - who must perpetually consume bigger and bigger share to prop up the GDP and stock index. This lifestyle is spreading to less "developed" societies. It's a race to the finish.

      Counting CO2 molecules and running with a thermometer to record global temperature are great pastime and should be seen only as such. Earth consumers' argument goes like this: since the earth has been destroyed earlier so why care about the health and orderly climate of the planet that sustains life. Therefore, consume till you drop dead.

    • perrya profile image

      perrya 2 years ago

      Hoax, are you serious?

    • Superkev profile image

      Superkev 2 years ago

      "2014 was the hottest year for the world ever recorded."

      Yeah, no it wasn't.

      And the hoax continues.

      So 10,000 years ago the oceans suffered an O2 depletion event, was that because of all the SUV's and Coal fired power plants the dinosaurs had built? Or was it a simply a natural part of the earths cycles?