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Climate change and natural disasters

Updated on September 25, 2014

Global warming effects

Global warming effects are miserable for millions of people around the world. Due to constant raising earth temperature some places are seeing worst rains and floods and other parts are seeing worst drought and dried seasons.

Due to global warming raising level of seas has become constant threat to several countries like Maldives and Bangladesh. Now world community is seeing worst natural disasters, hurricanes and floods of modern history. US state Oklahoma was hit by several storms just within a month.

Due to global warming we are seeing increase in natural disasters. Human right organizations and NGOs are trying hard to convince people and different governments to come forward and take positive steps and control raising temperature of earth.

Climate Change

Now Europe is seeing worst flooding of its history and several rivers have crossed their banks and now entering in big cities. Several European countries including Germany, Hungary are badly effected and people are trying hard to face worst flooding of history. Australia is also facing warmest summer of its history and every one is agrees that every thing is happening due to climate change and raising global warming.

Due to climate change and dry weather some African countries are seeing word droughts of modern history. According to United Nations millions of people are facing shortige of water and food in African poor countries.

Green House Gasses Emissions

Because of raising sea level thousands of Bangladeshi farmers have lost their fields and now find it hard to provide daily necessities of life to their families. Unfortunately despite this true realities UNO and big power are doing very little for climate change and global warming and things are going bad to worse every where.

Due to divided opinion and personal benefits world community has failed to prepare policies to reduce green house gasses emissions.Several conferences held in Europe and US on global warming could not provide desired results because of lack of interest of big powers. US and China are responsible for climate disaster but both countries are doing very little to solve the real issues.

The Global People's Climate March

Recent Disasters

List of effected countries are very long. Now most powerful and destructive hurricanes like Sandy, Katrina, Bupa are becoming routine in different parts of earth and level of distraction is very high. Recent floods in Europe considers worst in Europe hundred years history and caused wide spread damage. China is seeing worst flooding of its history more than half million people forced to leave their home due to heavy flooding. Several Indian state are also effected form global warming, raising level of see and increasing floods.

Media is showing horrible pictures of destruction and miserable condition of effected people. Several Bangladeshi farmers have lost their all living hoods because of increasing sea level and climate change. African countries are also worst effected and graph of poverty and huger raising in poor courtiers. Only years ago thousands of innocent people lost their lives in Somalia because of worst drought and climate change. According to UNO thousands of people in Horn of Africa are in risk of death because of worse drought and food shortage including innocent women and children children.

Climate Change

Don you think world community is doing enough for climate change?

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Who is Responsible for Climate Change Disasters?

Unfortunately six big develop Industrialize countries are main responsible for Climate disaster and increasing global warming. But instead of solving real issues and discussing real causes of global warming these contraries are accusing each other. China blame US and US blame China for climate disaster.

India and Brazil also not taking any responsibility for climate disaster and world community is doing very little to control raising temperature of earth. Despite several climate change conferences held in past no positive result produced. True reality is that only cosmetics steps cant bring change.

Major Hurricanes

Hurricanes, Cyclones, Earth Quakes caused major damage even in modern countries like China and US.

List of some major hurricanes who caused wide spread destruction.

  • Hurricane Sandy
  • Hurricane Katrina
  • Hurricane Bupa
  • Hurricane Ike
  • Hurricane Charley

Global Warming Effects

Global warming is main cause of increasing natural disaster.

Global warming also effects.

  • Rise in sea level world wide
  • Deadly hurricanes and storms.
  • Lost of agriculture land and food shortage.
  • Displacement of people
  • Disappearance of coral reefs.

Recent Oklahoma Disaster in Pictures



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