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Clinton Revisited

Updated on September 21, 2012

The Clintons

Scandal Again?
Scandal Again? | Source


We can all probably remember the controversial scandal of the then President, Bill Clinton.

The scandal took place in 1998, a full 14 years ago.

At that time it almost led to the impeachment of the standing President of the United States of America.

The scandal was caused because of the President’s sexual relationship with a White House staffer by the name of Monica Lewinski.

However, attempts to impeach the President failed but the embarrassment was great. Not only to Bill Clinton but also to the office of the President and the United States at large. None though, could have felt the embarrassment more than Bill’s wife Hilary, the now Secretary of State for the US.

Although there was probably some embarrassment to Lewinski, I suspect it was easier to handle bringing her, her 14 minutes of fame.


Lewinski of course, wrote her memories and made a large amount of money from the incident, probably becoming one of the best paid sexual acts in history.

Bill Clinton lived on, weathering the storm which did not turn out to really hurt his political career and in fact, probably made him more popular, more expensive and more interesting as an after dinner speaker or guest lecturer.

Hilary Clinton, probably the most embarrassed out of the incident, reacted with dignity and grace, standing by her man.

For this obvious and courageous deed, Hilary gained the admiration of a nation which has led to her holding one of the highest posts in the country.

It is no wonder that Hilary Clinton was nominated as Secretary of State, as this job requires unflinching loyalty under extreme pressure and an ability to withstand great intimidation. All of which Hilary had shown admirably during her time as the nation’s First Lady.


Now though, it would appear that old wounds could reappear.

Lewinski, probably running short of funds, has supposedly decided to write a second book.

The question must be asked why?

Obviously it is about the money, as it has been said that she is asking for $12 million dollars for her confessions.

As yet though, no publisher has accepted her demand.

This is hardly surprising as since the White House incident she has not really accomplished anything accept to receive large amounts of cash for her first confessions. She has made several attempts to break into business but failed and so would appear to have to look to dragging up uncomfortable history in order to maintain her lavish life style.

It is claimed that in Lewinski’s new book she shall divulge Bill’s sexual preferences and his thoughts on Hilary.

Do the people need this?

I hope that no publisher takes up her book offer for several reasons.

First, why should any body believe any thing she now says?

Surely any real truthful revelations would have come out in her first book. These now can only, at best, be after thoughts and as Bill is no longer in politics, serve any purpose other than to cause embarrassment.

To cause wanton embarrassment to another human being, merely for cash is not a nice thing. To do it to a former sexual partner, must show that there were no personal feelings involved and therefore could display her true nature.

The main reason though, that this book should not be published, is the fact that the person it will hurt most is probably Hilary Clinton and perhaps, ultimately, the American people. Why?

The embarrassment to Hilary is obvious but what harm to the American people?

It has been rumored that Hilary may be considering running for the Presidential nominee in 2016. If this book is published, it could hurt that campaign or even dissuade her from running.

Now I know that many of you may say,”good, she shouldn’t run”.

Now I am not saying that she should become President but do feel that she should be given a full and complete opportunity to run. After all, as I have said above, she has already shown loyalty and the ability to not be intimidated. These are characteristics that few other candidates have shown, even less Presidents.

As I have said, I am not saying she should be elected but to have at least one candidate with at least two redeeming qualities would these days be something of an achievement on its own.

Ummm, a candidate with redeeming qualities, I wonder if the elitists of the United States will let her run.

Perhaps THEY will sponsor the book in order to save themselves any embarrassment.


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    • profile image

      Justsilvie 5 years ago

      Why anyone would be interested in a book from someone who only real claim to fame is a few minutes on her knees doing something any man can buy for few bucks in any red light district on the planet is beyond me. I have wondered for years why any woman would want to brag about something like this unless she was using it as a reference for a future job possibilities.

      To most of the planet this whole issue was more about the reaction of Americans than the act itself. Another book will probably get another yawn beyond our borders.

      Hillary Clinton is a strong and educated women I don't think she feels defined by her husbands behavior and like anyone else who has chosen to continue a marriage after a spouse strays, you get over it and get on with life. I am sure she knows it was never about her and I seriously doubt another book is going to change that.