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Clinton's 39 I Don't Know Email Responses

Updated on September 4, 2016

Anyone interested in the truth, political agendas aside, surely cannot deny that while there not be a gun, there is plenty of suspicion something, at the very least, is not right with Clinton's email scandal. Her admissions are simply not sufficient to explain the revelations released by the FBI report. Even if you are a diehard Clinton fanatic groupie, somewhere in the deep recesses of your mind you must be suspicious.

For 39 times, when the FBI asked her questions related to her email related details, like a guilty suspect claiming the 5th Amendment, she responded, "I don't recall". In previous interviews, she said she was well versed with the classification system as Secretary of State, and yet, she did not know what a (C) meant on a document (it means, classified). She has always said that she used 2-4 devices for email between herself and staff, yet in the interview revealed it was 13 devices and some of those have been destroyed by her staff. In one case, a laptop with classified documents was mailed via USPS.

More disturbing is that early on, Clinton said all emails have been released. Yet, the FBI was able to recover 17,000 from devices her staff were ordered to delete and found out some were "bleached" meaning they could never be recovered. In one case, a hard drive was destroyed with an ice pick. What documents was Clinton trying to hide? Were these private or official government documents? While the FBI states they saw no criminal intent, many disagree. She acted and ordered others to destroy devices or emails. Unless you simply refuse to believe this, it is a "Duh" situation. How much more proof does one need proving intent? She knew what she was doing, ordered others to delete or destroy, claims I don't recall 39 times to key FBI questions. Key people under her indicate they were ordered to do some questionable things (in their eyes) to circumvent Federal law, but did it anyway, as it was their job. The FBI report indicated some of her emails had been hacked by three computers, one in Russia. The report also reveals that Clinton as Secretary of State admitted she did not know US drone missions over Iraq and elsewhere were classified information! Really? This is incomprehensible and like many things- Clinton is just lying. Plain and simple.

Clinton diehards simply see her as a person above the law and someone who cannot do anything wrong and quickly point out that Trump is no angel either. True, but any semi-neutral person in this election would be suspicious of Clinton for her actions and how it might be if she was president.

Hillary Clinton is simply a liar on many issues regarding the email. She's an attorney and knows how to respond without admitting intent or guilt. There may be no smoking gun, but the amount of smoke around this issue makes voters suspicious if they are undecided.


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