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Clinton’s Feminism is Dangerous for the whole Humanity

Updated on August 25, 2016

The more I observe who is planning to vote for Hillary Clinton – the more I realize that majority of people who are buying into her act are, unfortunately, women. They may not be as savvy in politics, but they assume that a woman can do no wrong for this country. Well, in this case, I’m not sure if I can even call Hillary “a woman”. The claims that she has been “fighting for women’s rights” by supporting an “equal opportunity” and a “pro-choice” movement (I am calling them as “pro-baby-killing”) are very bizarre, but if you know about the goal of the Elite to free this planet from “unwanted people”, this isn’t that surprising at all… After all, the easiest way to get rid of someone is to kill it in vitro or even prevent it from being conceived. Thus – the Planned Parenthood and so called “women’s rights” to choose whether or not to have a baby… But if the baby that is being aborted is a girl, where are her women’s rights? Hillary Clinton, however, uses her feminist agenda to install herself into the President Office of the United States by the hands of ignorant women and some vicious men from Wall Street… Mostly those who think this world is overpopulated. Do you see a pattern here?

The fact remains that women voters are more active, and if you try to please them – you have a shot at winning the Elections. But pleasing them by offering them the right to abort and kill their babies is downright criminal! I am a woman to whom any child’s life is sacred, as it was given by God, and not by just some “sexy action”, as these Godless killers are trying to make us to believe… What American women are forgetting is that the former First Lady and the Secretary of State has done practically nothing to improve the lives of American women or women around the world. In fact, Hillary Clinton has spent decades destroying the same women her husband has abused over the years. She also supported the wars that killed millions of women and children in Libya, Syria, Yemen, Iraq and other countries. They must have been “unwanted” by her pack, too… The economic policies that Clintons were supporting have put Wall Street interests over ours. People have lost jobs, houses, healthcare, and their livelihoods because of them, and the living standards of average American family has suffered a decline, hitting hard less privileged women and children.

In addition, women’s rights are being violated all over this long lost world. Thousands of Syrian and Iraqi girls are being enslaved by ISIS fighters that somehow got their ugly hands on American arms… Religious fanatics who do not respect women of their enemies are acting against the whole Humanity, and these ISIS fanatics are therefore not truly religious and look more and more like American Military puppets than anything else. Mrs. Clinton must be really proud of her work as the Secretary of State… Think what you want, but I believe that the appearance of ISIS and other radical Islamic groups in the Middle East is a direct result of U.S. policies!

You may think that our American women’s rights will remain all intact if she gets elected (or selected), but that does seem questionable as well. Do you know how long women in other countries can stay home after giving birth? Anywhere from a year to three years without losing the right to her job! How long American women can stay home? Barely 3 months from the beginning of such birth giving “vacation”? What if there are, God forbid, any complications before the delivery? How long will they stay home after the baby is born if they used up most of those 12 weeks before giving birth? You guessed it! The 12 weeks are all we’re allowed to take for one pregnancy. This is an “equal opportunity” at its best, and I’m not even mentioning women having to deal with unequal wages being given to men for the same kind of job… That’s why a huge percentage of women nowadays remain “child-free”, and often not by choice. So whose choices is Hillary protecting now?

The fact is that Hillary is not a friend of minorities, of the poor, of neither working nor middle class. She’s a proponent of feminist anti-baby propaganda machine that is aiming to protect the livelihood of Elite and preserve Earth’s resources for the use by that Elite and nobody else. I realized this much after I received her campaign letter with offer to join her feminist club that could help me to get into better work places and participate in politics and lawmaking “club” to fight for women’s “pro-choice” rights… That letter has opened my eyes and has literally made my skin curl! However, when I was a part of her mailing campaign and her “target audience”, I saw right through it and her agenda, but her feminist rhetoric may still work on someone more gullible who will not be able to realize her true intentions and who will not see that she will not deliver on her promises to women or anyone else but Wall Street and Industrial Military Complex if she is ever elected… This woman is so dangerous to America and the whole Humanity that I reserve the right to call her a “non-woman”! She’s a most “an Alien”… Would you want an Alien to make decisions about your life and the lives of your children?



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    • profile image

      Tina Tomaszewski 18 months ago

      Bill, Hillary, and likely all of George soros's goons are disgusting creeps.

    • profile image

      Chester cleveland 18 months ago

      1973 nyc 1 of donald j trumps companies has a DISCRIMINATION SUIT brought against it by the DOJ on behalf of BLACKS trump settles out of COURT!!!!!!

    • profile image

      Dan Engelking 18 months ago

      Watching Female voters support Hilary is like the blacks in Milwaukee riot for the criminal.They both are a disgrace to the rest of us.

    • profile image

      Jodie Banks 18 months ago

      Brain dead Liberals will stick with Hillary no matter what she or her perverted husband do.If Hillary had picked Charles Manson as her VP the Liberals would say it's OK.Hillary for The Nursing Home 2016!!

    • profile image

      Alex Xeon 18 months ago

      Feminism is a joke, actually it's not very funny given how many men suffer because of it. How many men get turned down for a position in favor of a woman because quotas? What about the guy that landed a probe on an asteroid and all the feminazis went on him like a pack of rabid dogs. Complete hypocrites. Also bitch about useless dumb shit like mansplaining.

    • profile image

      Emma Johnson 18 months ago

      weird considering my aunt when to university back then, became a lawyer, and has never married

    • profile image

      Felix Avenier 18 months ago

      Pretty much agree

    • profile image

      Hugh O'Toole 18 months ago

      Oh this one is easy. A bout a yeah or so ago, Sarkeesian (who's a big fan of Bell Hooks). Stated on stage "A woman might be able to make Patriarchy work for her, but she's letting down the other women" (Words to that effect, I could find the excerpt if anyone is interested).

      This is a sentiment you can find in the writings of Bell Hooks. Sarkeesian goes on to berate "choice feminism".

      Whether you like it or not, whether you agree with her not. Sarkeesian is a prominent feminist.

      Other prominent feminists have said similar things. Women who want to live a more traditional life, get married, have children. Have been attacked. There was & maybe still is, a movement for politicised lesbianism.

      Julie Bindel, prominent radical feminist & journalist for The Guardian holds many of these views.

    • profile image

      Billy Overton 18 months ago

      Third wave forms of feminism are actually very divided on many issues. Painting with "them" instead of actually engaging with what you like/don'tlike understand/don'tunderstand about the project, is sick. It's an excuse that seemingly protects you from criticism, but makes any sort of positive progress more difficult.

      Same with most social issues. Recognizing that somebody crossed some sort of barrier for you is REALLY EASY. But actually engaging with the social struggles and recognizing experiences totally outside your own, is really hard.

      Think a little harder before you attempt to summarize broad historical social movements like that.

    • profile image

      Joshua Taggart 18 months ago

      Third wave feminism is sick. They hate women that choose for themselves and dont follow their orders.