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Clinton's Top Aide Huma Abedin has Links to Islamic Terrorism

Updated on August 25, 2016

Huma Abedin Former Editor for Extremist Journal


A Mystery No More

For awhile now there's been a lot of dark clouds circling around Huma Abedin. She was painted as a strong woman who stood by her husband Anthony Weiner in the face of the scandals brought on by her husband who couldn't control himself with other women. Of course, her husband should be ashamed. But why wouldn't she leave her husband like most women would? It's probably the same answer why Hillary wouldn't leave Bill after his scandal with Monica Lewinsky. The answer is that they are staying with their spouses because it brings financial and political advantages.

Recently it was uncovered that Huma Abedin was an editor at a radical Muslim journal based in Saudi Arabia. Her mother ran the journal as well as made article contributions. Some of those contributions included justification of the beating of women along with antisemitic writings that called for the elimination of Jews. Of course, there's denial about this despite the information that the New York Post presented. The Clinton camp said that despite that Abedins name was on the journal publications, she didn't do any editing.

So essentially what the Clinton campaign said was that between the years 1996 and 2008 Abedin didn't do any editing.

It's a wonder why Huma Abedin is working for Hillary Clinton right now. And its no secret that Sharia controlled nations have given massive amounts of money to the Clinton Foundation which is currently under scrutiny. Saudia Arabia specifically donated up to $50 Million Dollars to the Clinton Foundation.

Just to recap: Huma Abedin worked for a radical Islamic journal which was funded by Saudi Arabia. Finds an important influential job with the Clinton's. Then during her tenure working with Hillary Clinton, the Clinton Foundation receives millions of dollars from Saudi Arabia. Is this really just some coincidence?

Nevertheless, Hillary Clinton shouldn't claim to be the champion of the rights of women or ethnic minorities. She accepts so much in donations from these foreign nations that openly beat gays, Christians and women that it only appears that she's looking out for herself. In 2014 only 2.4% of the revenue the foundation accrued went to charitable causes according to the 2014 Clinton Foundation. And her top aid worked for a radicalized Islamic journal that called for the suppression of women and religious/ethnic minorities. And if Hillary Clinton wins, it's likely that she will give Huma Abedin a job in the White House.

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    • ahorseback profile image

      ahorseback 18 months ago

      If the Clinton Foundation were a republican entity there would have been a political outrage never before witnessed by the voting public. Yet , the hands off approach by the GOP and their failure of all of the political insiders is the best example of two party control of all government . These idiots have to go , Hillary has to go !