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Closed roads and and U turns

Updated on November 4, 2012

Our life Journey

I use my bike to go to work. I take the same route every day. It is much less expensive and affordable. I love riding my bike. One advantage of riding the bike is that it need less space than other big vehicles. Especially when in the traffic light, bikers take the side of other big vehicles and get ahead. In a heavy traffic, bikers usually get ahead by taking the side of the road or the side other vehicles. That is a big advantage.

But I noticed one thing while riding my bike. When I near a traffic light, it seems that there is no way to get ahead. I have to get behind all of the vehicles stopped on the road. But when get closer to the vehicles, I could see little space enough for my bike to get ahead. When I get ahead of one vehicle, there I find another space.... Eventually I'll be in the front of the other vehicles.

How we ride our life?

Life is like this. When we look ahead, it seems that there is no way to get ahead. All doors are closed. Obstacles are there in front of us. A wall is built in front of us etc.,

But the interesting thing is that when we get closer to one obstacle, there we find an opening to get ahead!!! When we look ahead we again find many closed roads or obstacles. But when we near the end, there we find another opening.

One more interesting thing I saw is that, when people see a heavy traffic ahead, they take U turn. They are not willing to wait. They wanted to get ahead immediately. They do not have the patience to wait or move slowly. So they take U turn. They drop the plan of going ahead. Sometimes, they are the looser.

But, when we wait and move slowly behind the heavy traffic, we find that it was for a short period or for a particular area. After that slow movement, you will find wide and open road ahead.

Life is like this. Some times we have to wail. Some times we have to go slow. Some times we have to get closer to the obstacle to see the opening. To get ahead, we need to have patience.

To win in the race of life, we need to be patient and never take the U turns in our life.

When it comes to bad habits like drinking, smoking etc., it is better to take a U turn. There is a time to take the U turn in our life's journey. If the road take us to destruction, it is better to take the U turn before it is too late.


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    • profile image

      Diana 2 years ago

      I got 1 case of HGSS and 1 case of unleashed when they were first relaesed. Both of those sets caused headaches and very non user friendly patterns. They seems to have 2-3 patterns combined into a single box in most cases. I actually had to open about 75% of the packs of each set to get all the expected primes/legends.

    • stars439 profile image

      stars439 5 years ago from Louisiana, The Magnolia and Pelican State.

      Wonderful hub. Brave you are. Did what you had to do to work. GBY.