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Co-operative Offshorism

Updated on October 14, 2019
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International Man of Dignity, anthropologist, and socio-economic researcher / commentator.

Why don't we ALL bank off-shore?

If the entire global co-operative economy (taken as a single national economy, it would be 5th largest on the planet) banked off-shore, two things would happen in very short order.

1) National treasuries would suddenly redouble (or quadruple) their efforts to close off-shore loopholes.

2) While the national governments are busying themselves with those loopholes, we could fund health, education, and social welfare for all our members ourselves. Just as we did at the outset of the movement, we would neatly side-step governments totally opposed to such "socialist" ideas.

National governments would be left to fund "defence", "security", war adventurism, the bent legal system, and ridiculous pageantry for the ruling classes and the idiots who still debase themselves and grovel for that stuff.

Drawn by the benefits, membership of the global co-op movement would increase dramatically, and significant wealth could be generated through co-operative sharing and enormous global economies of scale. With the increased proceeds, the movement could hire top-notch legal teams and lobbyists to press for ways to disengage from national taxes where it is clear they are offering no or redundant benefit to members.

In the fullness of time, as crypto-currencies come into regular use (which they will very shortly when Facebook launches its own currency), we can then set up a global co-operative crypto treasury (perhaps using FairCoin - the "Proof of Co-operation" currency?) and disengage completely from the entire mainstream finance sector.

One of the advantages of not being an actual national economy means the mainstream economy wouldn't know where to start bombing.

As more and more members joined the global co-operative movement, the "mainstream" economy would gradually lose relevance and become the sideshow for gamblers that it should always have been.

As is so often the case, the opportunity sits there like a free, glowing easter egg, but, as usual, we, the celebrated intelligent co-operators of the world, flatter ourselves that we can function within such a distorted mainstream economy. We tinker around with non-essentials as the movement shrinks, its assets are slowly stripped, and window after window of opportunity slips by without comment.

As we do so, we risk losing not just the economic battle, but the informational and educational one as well. If the ecosystems of the world survive the ravages of human corporate intervention, the entire history of the co-operative movement will become a forgotten footnote in the mainstream narrative.

For more information about the co-operative potential, see:

The Parallel Economy

We've built the model and tested it for 200 years.  Why aren't we using it to the fullest possible extent?
We've built the model and tested it for 200 years. Why aren't we using it to the fullest possible extent?

© 2019 Deacon Martin


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