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Coalition forces to meet in Germany to discuss war plans against Islamic State.

Updated on November 3, 2016
Iraqi army stands ready for action.
Iraqi army stands ready for action. | Source
Peshmerga forces.
Peshmerga forces. | Source
American soldier at the ready.
American soldier at the ready. | Source
IS held city of Mosul.
IS held city of Mosul. | Source
IS fighters.
IS fighters. | Source

According to Sky News the nations ranged Islamic State will be holding a meeting soon in Germany that is the defence ministers of those countries. The US has asked coalition forces to do more in the fight against IS and one of those nations who will be aiding the anti - IS forces more will be the UK but how that help will come about is not quite clear.

Defence Minister Michael Fallon has stated that the Iraqi army has IS on the ropes and the UK will do what it can to help bring about faster the defeat of IS. The US apparently asked the UK to supply infantry troops but this has been refused but could help with Peshmerga forces in their fight with IS as they have apparently run out of heavy machine gun bullets.

The Iraqi army can chalk up one victory at least over IS when they took back the city of Ramadi with Coalition air support but IS left many booby traps in the city which are gradually being taken out of action step by step. However the whole infrastructure of Ramadi was deliberately destroyed by retreating IS forces in a scorched earth policy and it will take a long time to repair and re - build. Many citizens of the re - taken city are living in tents or staying with friends and relatives in other surrounding cities and towns while many who have stayed in the city are relying on generators for power.

The IS held city of Mosul in Iraq is what many pundits are guessing the talks in Germany between the Coalition defence ministers will be about or at least be included in the debate. It would seem again according to Sky News that there are plans under way to re - take back the city of Mosul and it is reckoned by some this operation could take place later this year.

It seems as I have predicted in earlier articles the fight against IS whether in Iraq or Syria is going to be a bit by bit piece meal affair as was the US campaign against the Japanese held islands in WWII. A slow deliberate campaign against a stubborn and fanatical enemy which in the end can only end with one out come the ultimate defeat of the enemy but for now I think that remains a goal in the near future. For now we have this cautious careful piece meal strategy against the Caliphate of the Islamic State as it is commonly known or at least that's what it likes to be known as.

Footage featured on Sky News shows aerial bombardment of a city held by Islamic State presumably Mosul on IS positions by the IS related news media outlet A3 Maq. The footage shows explosions of ordinance dropped by the unknown war planes and people taking cover and the aftermath of the bombing and the US have claimed to have been hitting IS targets in that area but if this particular attack was by them is not clear.

So it would seem plans are afoot to bring Islamic State's defeat that much closer but how and when or even if this will come about is not clear. To claim an old WWII mantra 'The smog of war and all that' which seems particularly apt in this war as it was back then in WWII.


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