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Code Enforcement Ordinance in or near Pittsburgh PA

Updated on June 5, 2011

I currently live in the state of PA. I recieved a letter from Code Enforcement at the same time we are dealing with my daughters premature baby who was born at 24 weeks and is currently in Pittsburg. The letter stated as part of the effort to improve quality of the housing stock in the neighborhood, a walking tour was conducted by rehiblitation staff of the Office of Economic and Community Development (OECD) and the Cirty's Code Enforcement Officer to perform and exterior inspection of the properties in this neighborhood. My property was found to have one or more code deficiencies that need to be addressed.

The City, by Ordinance #3099 as amended, has adopted the International Property Maintence Code which sets forth guidelines that properties in the city must comply with. My property is in violation of Sections 304.2 and 304.7 of the above reference code. The violation concerns the deteriorated exterior paint of the property and porch roof, which needs to be addressed and brought up to code.I have untill September 30th to undertake the necessary repairs to bring my property into compliance with this code requirement. at this time, the City is requesting my complience with this code requirement in order to avoid any further actions by the city.

The letter also stated as the property owner in the Project Pride neighborhood I may be elligle for programs to assist me in making the necessary repairs. The city offers a Facade Improvement Program for all property owners and a Housing Rehabilitation for low to moderate income home owners.

After recieving this letter I was quite upset because it was such bad timing to have to have all this work done to my home by Sept 30.  They are out of there minds with having to travel to Pittsburg a few times a week there is just no money left. I phoned the number they gave me on the letter to see if I maybe elligable to some program. I had though there was no way i would be elligable because my boyfriend had just moved in to help with the finances and they go on household income. I didn't think it was his responsibility to fix up my home considering he just moved in and the house is in my name.

After I called the Elm Street Manager Lisa, she stated I was not elligable after turning in my paystubs.


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