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Codex Alimentarius Conspiracy Theory

Updated on June 13, 2013

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One of the largest sources of conspiracy speculation is the World Health Organization. This is because they have made repeated attempts to reform food and medical regulations on a world wide scale. This global scheme for regulations has been viewed by many people globally as a power grab, with deeply disturbing implications.

The Codex Alimentarius (which means "book of food" in Latin) is a body of health-related reforms being thrust upon the global population through the United Nations agency, the WHO. Many aspects of these reforms and regulations are considered highly controversial and have spawned much research and debate.

One of the highly controversial issues in the Codex Alimentarius debate, are planned regulations on vitamins and minerals. Through these plans, vitamins and other nutrients will be labeled toxic, and will become highly regulated as a consequence. In many places world wide these regulations will certainly lead to reduced daily intake of these vitamins or minerals.

The Codex Conspiracy Info Page: What is Codex? >>

Other plans which typically shock citizens are those to force irradiation procedures on most foodstuffs throughout the world. Although the claim is that irradiation improves health, there are many people who claim it leads to health problems.

There are reportedly even plans to "harmonize" worldwide pesticide practices, essentially mandating that farmers worldwide use specified products from Monsanto, Dow, BASF, and related corporations.

Another major issue debated is the forced procedure of giving farm animals growth hormones. Many people believe if all farm stock have growth hormones, various illnesses and problems will inevitably arise on a world wide scale due to that practice. Proponents of growth hormones claim they are generally safe, and increase production rates so significantly that without their use starvation and famine would follow.

Many others even argue from the political standpoint that a global beaurocracy, the United Nations and its agencies, have no place in forcing through unpopular health regulations on the worldwide populace. Often, people will claim they believe such actions are stripping them of their soverignty, filling the pockets of special interests, while harming the producers and consumers alike.

Whichever side of the debate one considers, Codex Alimentarius will be one of the most important health issues of our time, and brings up countless facets of the food and medical industry for scrutiny. It can give us insight into the operations of the United Nations and helps us to understand what plans they may or may not have for us as a global populace.

Some Videos on Codex Alimentarius

Key Points of the theory:

  • The goal is to make nutrients, herbs, and vitamins regulated
  • To force people's daily intake far lower than what is necessary for survival
  • A form of population control or genocide
  • Attempt to push pharmaceutical industry and global government regulations world wide
  • Poison all food sources by forcing regulations like irradiation,pesticides, or adding hormones

Opposing arguments to the theory:

  • Nutrients, herbs, and vitamins are deadly if overdosed
  • People need less than they are getting today, example is obesity rates
  • People world wide will benefit from pharmaceutical and global government regulations on nutrients and vitamins

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    • someonewhoknows profile image

      someonewhoknows 7 years ago from south and west of canada,north of ohio

      Everyone knows that almost anything we take into our bodies can help or harm us.Even medications that we get with a prescription from a doctor that pharmacutical companies advertise freely to the public as a possible solution to their illnesses and yet ,they put a disclaimer out at the same time that warns the consumer that their health could be harmed as a result of taking the very same medication they are trying to sell you and your doctor on.

      In fact they were until recently prevented from advertising directly to the public not so very long ago because of concern that the consumer would put pressure on their doctor to prescribe medications that could harm them.If,there is a conspiracy here it is to sell drugs to the people who may be desperate for relief,not to nessasarily cure or improve their condition ,but to many times get them to take drugs that treat symtoms only.

      Most if not all the food we currently eat ,don't have enough minerals in them as it is.This proposed codex would make it even less likely that we can get enough minerals in our diet with a prescription from a doctor.This would make it even more exspensive that it currently is to buy these suppliments.

      Isn't our healthcare or should I say our "sickcare" syatem alresdy too exspensive?