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The Italian homeless

Updated on May 27, 2017

Cold weather and the homeless

Welcome to our article (69) The Italian homeless

Talking about the weather

Cold weather and the homeless is something that don’t go well together. Today in Italy there are many homeless people, because of the earthquake and the overseas refugees, so, there is this problem to find the right accommodation. Anyhow, those that don’t have their own warm homes to live in, they hate the cold winter time, but this year in Italy seems that is going to be a very cold winter, so, let us just think about the homeless and their problems. I am talking about Italy in winter time now, because of the following event written here-under.

Today on Facebook, I have found so many photos from my Italian friends, which show all that snow that has fallen over there, and how cold it is over there these days. They are having a very cold winter this year, while some of them don’t seem to mind it, because they have nice warm homes, so, they seem to enjoy the spectacle that the snow has brought with it. But, there are people that are adversely affected, so, they wish that is wasn’t so cold.

Anyhow, I had to tell my Facebook friends that while it was so cold over there, here in Brisbane is very hot indeed, today while I am writing this article, it is 34 degrees centigrade in the shade and it might even go up a bit more. So, it looks like that the weather this year the 2017 is going to be extreme, since what is happening is extreme, having said that, we are left wondering which one of these two weather extremes are worse for us.

Therefore, while I turn the fan on to keep cool, I start thinking what effects does this weather brings to us, and the difference that exist in the world, anyhow I end up thinking that after all the hot weather here in Australia, it is not as bad as the cold weather over there, because I hate the cold. And then, how bad it is for those people that don’t have a warm home to go to, therefore, I start thinking about those poor people, that have lost their house from the earthquake in Italy a few months ago, you see, it is only natural that they come up in my mind, because almost every time that I watch the Italian news, they talk about the little progress they have made rebuilding since the earthquake. Well they have had some good progress, but there is so much to do, so, by comparison the progress they have achieved is not that much.

We could say, that the people that have suffered from the Italian earthquake are unlucky, not only they may have lost some relative or friends, they have also lost their house from the earthquake, and now, this year is going to be very cold, which makes everything a lot worse. Therefore, I am feeling sorry for those people that are suffering so much, through no fault of their own. So, I wish I could do something for them, but I know I cannot. Anyhow, let us try to describe what we have seen on the news, about the situation over there today, just because we care.

The homeless situation

Let us talk about the earthquake victims and the progress of rebuilding their homes. At the beginning the government had promised so much help, that one was led to believe that in a few months everything would have been back to normal. But it is not happening that way at all, because in a few days it will be five months that the initial earthquake struck, and as we have said in the news the progress is not very much. We know that the people affected have been given some temporary accommodation, right from the start and there is some improvement that goes on day to day the best way they can. But there are no mentions of real rebuilding being started, we guess it is a big job and it will take time to rebuild those damaged buildings.

Anyhow, when we hear the news, where the people start saying that they feel abandoned, we start believing that something could be wrong, so, we ask ourselves what could be the reasons. Well, we soon realize that in Italy there are more problems than the politicians can solve, especially now that they are not happy with the present government, so, they want an election to be held soon, which might even happen, if they work it out how to do it. So, this could be one of the reasons, why there has not been enough progress rebuilding, at least this is what comes to our minds.

But that is not all, because there are also the overseas refugees that make the accommodation problem worse, since they also would like to have some decent accommodations. Here I would like to point out, that since in Italy there are all these problems with the native people already, we wish that these refugees would not come, because there is no way to accommodate them in a decent way, but there is nobody able to tell them that, in a way that they understand the situation. So, they keep arriving in Italy uninvited, and worse still they pretend to be looked after from the Italian government, when they have not contributed anything to it.

We hope that somehow, the Italian government will be able to cope with these homeless problems. But above all we hope that they can solve the accommodations for those Italian that have lost their house from the earthquake first.

In my view, it the overseas refugees are left behind, they might learn something that they refuse to admit. In a way by running away from their own country to Italy, because they are not Italians and they have not contributed anything to the Italian government, one could say that they have not got the rights to ask the Italian government to do anything for them, therefore, they are sort of beggars, begging the Italian government for help and beggars don’t have the right to choose. So, they get what they get and they should be happy about receiving what their benefactor could afford, or they should go back to where they have come from.


Earthquake and cold weather continues

This article is becoming more like a diary, about what is happening in Italy now, than a plain article to tell you the story. Today is the 19th of January 2017. You see, yesterday I published this article here, where I was lamenting the way the earthquake and homeless people in Italy are being treated, and after doing that I hoped for the best for their sake, since it seemed to me that the authorities could have done better, so, I thought that I had said everything that there was to say, but suddenly, today there is more to say about them.

Because suddenly this morning on the Italian news, those unlucky people are getting more of the same, one can only feel sorry for them. Because they are in a terrible situation as it is already. There were lots of earthquakes during the night, some of the stronger ones have reached magnitude 5, and on top of that it is cold and snowing with no end in sight. Most places are isolated, even though the authorities are doing what they can to reach them. In most cases, the authorities don’t know what is really happening, because there is no power, the phone lines don’t work anymore and there is no water supply because of the cold, that is what they know. So, what they don’t know could even be worse.

Therefore, we can only hope that this cold weather stops soon, and then, the authorities would be able to catch up with what is strictly necessary. After that they can go back to what is necessary to do, so that, those people affected from the earthquake could return to live a normal life. I hope that this is not just a wishful thinking on my part and everything will improve soon.

The situation in Italy worsens

Let me point out that it was only yesterday, when I edited this article and added a few things, hoping that the weather and everything else would go back to normal soon, but instead of getting better, it has become worse, in fact, it is one of those situations that are very rare to happen during our lives. In fact, it is so bad that I believe, that if some people over there may start thinking that this could be the beginning of the end of the world, I would not blame them, if they think that way. Because the tragedy that has just happened is beyond compression, an entire Hotel has been destroyed from an avalanche of snow, which seems an impossible thing to happen, but then it has happened, so, let us continue to tell you what we know in this article.

The Hotel Rigopiano was a four stars Hotel, set about 1200 meter high, on the mountains called Gran Sasso in Abruzzo, which are the highest mountain in central Italy, the highest pick reaches 2912 metres, today this Hotel has been destroyed from this avalanche, and most of the people that were there, are thought to have perished, now we know that there are only two survivors, and about three bodies have been found dead, it is still early to say more about the rest of the people that were there. They say that there were about thirty people at the Hotel, when this tragic event happened. Some expert say, that the Hotel was built in a safe position, so, what has happened is really something beyond comprehension. But then what is there to comprehend when extreme natural events occur.

You see, it seems to me that there are a few extreme natural events, which are taking place all at the same time. So much snow that it is not possible to move anywhere, the extreme cold, the earthquake, that might have damaged the Hotel and trigged the avalanche and perhaps also a land slide. All these things put together have contributed to the destruction of the Hotel Rigopiano. Anyhow, now that all this has happened, first let the people that have arrived over there help any survivors, if they can find any survivors. Then, what has happened, and why it has appened can be worked out later, perhaps in a few months, when the snow has melted away.

Another tragedy has happened

This is shocking, I cannot believe this, looking at what is happening in Italy today, it could make you cry, anyone with common sense and a heart would feel sorry for them, those poor people of central Italy are in a bad state and suffering. They deserve better, as they have done nothing wrong, to deserve these disasters one after the other. First an earthquake that destroyed many buildings and killed near three hundred people. Since then there have been hundreds or perhaps thousands of other earthquakes, some of which have damaged and destroyed more buildings. While the people are sleeping in tents and other makeshift accommodation, it is very cold, because this year is a very cold winter, since plenty of snow has fallen and it continues to snow, with no end in sight. It is a disaster everywhere you go, if you think about it may make you cry.

But as you know this is not all, because last week an avalanche destroyed Hotel Rigopiano, where up to today they have found only nine people alive, twenty-five dead and four missing presumed dead, so, twenty-nine people may have perished. The authorities with their rescue teams are doing what they can. The place is so dangerous that they are digging by hand, they continue to hope to find some more people alive, until they find the last body, but as the time goes by, it becomes more unlikely that anyone could still be alive, under all that snow that has become compacted and ice, but the rescue teams will continue until all people that were there are accounted for. They are going to dig them up whether they are alive or dead. But that is not all, today a rescue helicopter has crashed on the mountain, killing another six people.

The news of the disaster of Hotel Rigopiano and the helicopter crash, have made us forget for a few days the plight of the homeless, but they are still there, so, there is a lot more to do, perhaps it is going to take years, before everything comes back to normal. Therefore, the Italian authorities are very busy these days, as they should solve this homeless problem first. Here I would like to point out, that there is not much said about the farmers over there, and their animals that as we speak may be starving or dying from the cold.

I believe that disasters as intense as this are very rare, so, we should feel sorry for those people involved. I am going to stop writing now this sorry events, because they even make me feel very sad. But I am writing this article just to have a record, of what I have witnessed in my life.

See you soon, in another article, where I hope I may have better news.



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