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Collect Calls To God And The Price You Will Pay.

Updated on January 4, 2013


Collect Calls To God, And The Cost You'll Pay.


  ©-MFB III 


Let us ponder cell phones,
glued, screwed and tattooed
to drivers ears, as they sway
swerve, brake and veer all over the roads.
It is estimated that almost 40%
of recent fatalities are caused by
cell phone distractions, text messaging 
dialing numbers, dropping the phone and so on.

Cellular destruction of the flesh,
where the last sound a loved one,
your boss, your lover, or your kids will hear
on the other end of your final call,
will be the screeching of rubber,
the rending of metal, the shattering of glass,
your cry of fear cut short, and the fracture
of your skull on a windshield bursting outward.  
Needless to say the cell phone usually falls
harmlessly to the floor, and is hung up by
the responding emergency crew.

Your mobile phone could quite
suddenly become your last stop.
Your personal lap top could
wind up in the confines of a coffin,
with your hands folded neatly over it.
Your palm pilot might just palm you off
to less then heavenly rewards.

This will leave you with a collect call
to God, and he will collect you,
and the cost you'll pay will be deadly.

See that berm over there,
that gas station,
that rest area so pastoral,
pull in, dial up and jabber away.

The worst part is,
quite often a call
on a cell phone,
kills the others you hit.
Taking out women, children and babies,
fathers, husbands and brothers,
innocent victims of your techno delight,
all for the simplicity of finding out
What time dinner is?
What you need to pick up on the way home?
or just to relay that you will be late!!
And most definitely "you will be late,"
as in the late Mr.-Miss or Mrs. Deceased.


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    • lisadpreston profile image


      8 years ago from Columbus, Ohio

      A much needed hub. Cell phone users and avid texters are worse than drunks. They drive me insane. Even tho you used humor (very funny I might add) it is a serious matter. I actually saw someone reading a book and driving once.Can you believe this? READING A BOOK! Hopefully it was the Bible.

    • profile image

      \Brenda Scully 

      9 years ago

      oops that is bad news indeed.... great hub

    • bayareagreatthing profile image


      9 years ago from Bay Area California

      bone chilling reminder- I would throw in eating french fries, drinking coffee, turning around to the kids in the back to break up the fight, putting on mascara, shaving, looking at a map, inserting CDs, studying your homework, and digging around your purse for gum. There are a lot of things that distract us when we drive! Eyes on the road is a good idea!


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