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Come This Sunday There Will Be Many Making Excuses For President Obama...

Updated on May 10, 2012

Come This Sunday There Will Be Many Making Excuses For President Obama…

I am not going to gloat because when I opine on issues concerning my faith in Christ Jesus… I do so to edify I hope; however, for years, I have been holding court and telling many in my Traditional Christian church what President Obama believes from his faith point of view, notwithstanding his toying and being the sheep in wolves clothing on many issues of import to Traditional Christianity. Stevie Wonder could have seen what happened today (the President support for gay marriage), and if many of my Black Christian church brothers and sisters were not caught up in the tangled web of moral compromise and racial pride... they too would have seen it coming. Come this Sunday, many of my Christian brothers and sisters will be making many excuses for President Obama’s overt support for gay marriage; there will be rationalizations akin to the same ilk we heard for our President supposed tacit support for the murders of babies (Abortion)... Pontius Pilate Obama has washed his hands of Abortion and will do the same for gay marrriage, at least when he is before his Black Christian brethren.

I will say again whoever was surprised by the President gay support position was engage in willful blindness - I ask the rhetorical question… why would all Hollywood and all of the gay denizens give so much funds to President Obama’s campaign then and now. Yet many of us Blacks, who overwhelmingly oppose gay marriage - remember who voted against same sex marriage in droves in California - will still vote for the President come this November. The next group that should be circumspect are my Jewish brothers and sisters… for though that it appears that President Obama is in full support of Israel for now, they must be aware that it is an election year and he wants the Jews money for his campaign, notwithstanding the loot he is already raising among the vainglorious in Hollywood. Think what President Obama could do or what he would if he is a lame duck President - think of all the far-left positions that can be had and become law, if only for a short time, via Lame Duck Executives Orders? Do not be surprised if Israel is thrown under the proverbial bus because I am certain that President Obama is running for world President and the world will laud him for harming Israel’s sovereignty like how they are now for the President’s support for gay marriage.

I am supposing that deep down many of my Traditional Christian brothers and sisters knew that this day would come - the day when President would show his true colors about important faith issues - but I suspect too that the narrative was already prepared and rehearsed when the President showed those misguided rainbow colors - pun intended. The floodgates are now wide opened whereby liberty has become vice, assisted by unfettered tolerance… and enabled by Political Correctness. Those of us who read our Bible know that these things must happen… just like in the days of Noah; perversions of Traditional Christian doctrines will abound and even behaviors unheard of will become the norm. But it is even more egregious when powerful men, like our President pervert the Word and cause people to stumble and be mired in moral ignorance, but like the Pharaoh of the Moses’ era… their fall will be nightmarishly legendary. I truly hope and pray that this is not the lot for President Obama who has seen fit to overtly and tacitly undermine many a tenets of the Bible.


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