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Comey is Out

Updated on May 15, 2017

Shocking news came Tuesday evening when President Trump sends a letter to James Come office hand delivered, while the former F.B.I Director was in California on a training. Comey learned that he was fired when he saw it on Television. President Trump then threat Comey by suggesting that there might be Tapes.

The president told Lester a white House reporter that he was going to fire when he was first elected but waited, there's no good time to fire any one. Donald Trump and his staff made excuses about the firing of Comey I t was confusing and shocking, Trump first excuse was Comey had treated Clinton bad doing the 2016 election, then Comey might dishonor the creditable of the F.B.I. and finally Comey was not doing his job.With the firing of Comey, Trump thought Democrats would be on board with his decision because of the of what Comey did by reopening the Investigation of Clinton emails a few days before the election.

In the 2016 election Trump defamed Clinton every change he got wanted crooking Hillary Clinton to be locked up and praised Comey The F.B.I Director for reopening the investigation, Comey did the right thing Trump said.

Trump wanted he F.B.I Director to say there was no investigation but Comey was already authorized by the Department of Justice to confirm that Trump was being investigated with his involvement with Russia.. Over a nice dinner I asked him if I was investigate 3 times and he told me no, which I knew that I was not being investigated

Donald Trump the president is coming unglued and is not fix to be the President Of The United States of America.


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    • jada67 profile image

      Maxine Daniels Foster 11 months ago from Boston MA

      On national Television President Trump tried to lie about why he fired James Comey it was degrading and outrageous. one reason Comey was bad to Clinton and now Comey didn't do his.