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Commentary on United Shades of America's "Is It Cool to Be Hip."

Updated on June 18, 2016

After watching the recent episode of United Shades of America (S1, Ep.6 "Is It Cool to Be Hip"), Portland, Oregon is suffering the negative aspects of gentrification; namely, the slow eviction of black folk. This preventable injustice evolved from economic development; the question Kamau addresses in his episode is how do you keep the black community alive?

So, I propose the first Black Bank. Yep, UmpQua did it and they are run & owned by Native Americans (and I think FDIC approved?). Also, I propose the first Woman Bank and Latino Bank.

I am a woman; I'm used to people ignoring me, underating me, and swindling me because of my gender. If anyone one wants to start a foundation like a woman bank, give me job.

Thank you.


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