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Common Economic Problems Facing the Caribbean

Updated on August 5, 2017

There are various economic problems experienced in the Caribbean. For instance, its position in the world makes it to be unduly isolated from other economic powers thus disadvantaging its economy in various ways. Despite this isolation sustaining cultural diversity, it greatly hampers economic opportunity due to poor transnational connection to existing and potential trade partners. Furthermore, the presence of hurricanes, storms and fierce winds is a hindrance to agricultural activities (Blouet, 2015, 165).

Despite favorable climate, these aspects may destroy crops and hence, hinder agriculture. What is more, the frequent environmental disasters, floods and massive deforestation have dealt a blow to agriculture which is considered as the backbone of the country’s economy. In order to sustain the economy development, the government needs to control deforestation and ensure that all forests and the environment in general are duly protected. It is also possible to manage the frequent floods as well as establishing mechanism of preventing and dealing with the consequences of hurricanes, storms and fierce winds (Blouet, 2015, 182). Furthermore, despite its isolation in the world, it is possible for the government of this nation to establish trade packs and partnership with other countries around the world. This will create more economic opportunities for this state.

Caribbean is known for its various tourist attraction features and sides which include the famous Virgin Islands, year round sunny and warm weather, attractive beaches and scenery among others (Blouet, 2015, 179). The tourism sector has supported the economy significantly. In addition, it has provided employment opportunities for the locals alongside making the nation known in the world perspective. Nonetheless, the tourism sector has been credited for eroding the culture of many youth in the country who wants to ape the behavior and actions of the visitors (MacWilliams, 2002, 53).


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