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Common problems of Maharashtra

Updated on August 11, 2014

Main problem of Maharashtra

Though it appears that the state of Maharashtra is a problem-free state but in reality it is not so. The state has its own share of problems to grapple with. On the one hand, the industrial sector is faced with the problem of unavailability of land, lack of communication facilities, inefficient power supply. On the other hand, there is a lack of training institutes, lack of modernisation in agriculture, water and power shortage etc.

The people in Maharashtra are faced with the biggest problem of inflation. This will surely affect the upcoming assembly elections, the most. The other important issues that people are faced with includes corruption, communalism, job scarcity, water problems, land mafia and so on. According to the recent survey, the issue of price rise followed by corruption will have the biggest impact on the poll results.

Price hike in Life

Price rise a Big Problem for Common Men

One of the greatest problems that is disturbing the life of a common man today is the issue of price rise. Regardless of the fact that whether one is politically inclined or not, it is the key issue in the upcoming elections. The rising prices of all the basic necessities have a great impact in the life of people living in both rural and urban areas. Deficient production of sugarcane has led to increase in sugar prices. This will also play a leading role as all the parties are trying to pacify people with the promise of lowering the prices. Apart from this, the drought which brought forth the negligence of the government is a debatable issue in these polls.

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Corruption is a way of life

It may come as a surprise that the maximum number of cases of corruption are registered in the state of Maharashtra. This is a home town of Anna Hazare who started the anti corruption campaign in Delhi. According to the statistics, corruption was most prevalent in the state under the rule of the Congress. The first quarter of the year 2014 witnessed a 74% rise in corruption cases. Elections in Maharashtra

What we need

Problems in Points

  1. Price rise
  2. Corruption
  3. Malnutrition among tribals
  4. Naxalism
  5. Farmers Suicides
  6. Communalism
  7. Unemployment
  8. Problem of water

Malnutrition among tribals

Recently a survey was conducted in 22 tribal villages of Maharashtra. The results were shocking. The level of malnutrition in children was too low. Around 100 children died in the quarter of 2005, in Nandurbar district. Out of these, 71 children were seriously malnourished. The basic cause of the problem is the lower livelihood. The results also revealed that the girls are more malnourished as compared to boys. The problem is being ignored by the government. Unless the problem is addressed effectively, the tribal community in Maharashtra will move towards extinction.

Naxalism in State

Naxalism is another issue that will dominate the assembly elections. The opposition parties will try their best to take advantage of the public anger. The major areas that face Naxalite attacks are Gadchiroli and Chhattisgarh. The government has promised to stop these attacks and also develop the affected areas. Apart from this, in order to make sure that people of the area live a peaceful and progressive life, the government has come out with the policy of naxal surrender.

Farmers Suicides

Suicide by the farmers in Vidarbha region of Maharashtra is something which is unforgettable. Many farmers were forced to end their lives due to increasing debts and the failure of the crops. The government could not control the situation even after announcing relief packages. But still the situation of crisis continued and their was no relief for the farmers. The uneven rainfall and hailstorms at the beginning of 2014 was another cause of distress for the farmers. The majority of the crops which were to be harvested soon were destroyed by the hailstorm. As per the reports the crops of over 12 lakh hectares was destroyed. The situation became unbearable for the farmers.


Comunalism is the major issue of the state. One of the important examples is of the Sangli riots. The violent clashes between different communities affected the whole Sangli city. The riots took place over the poster of Shivaji. Moreover the leaders instead of trying to pacify the situation played their own politics. The parties started blaming each other for the riots.


The problem of unemployment looms large in Maharashtra. The main reason for this is the rising population. The inequalities and lack of employment leads to other problems such as corruption, lack of housing facilities etc. Will the promise made by Narendra Modi of creating ample job opportunities be fulfilled?

Water Problem in Maharashtra

Problem of water

The year 2013 raised many questions over government's way of handling water crisis in the state. The year witnessed the biggest dam scam and the situation of both drought and flood. There were no disaster management preparations by the government. Today the state faces both water and electricity problems. The government needs to take immediate measures to solve the problem.

The state of Maharashtra is the clear example of uneven economic growth, the way it is accumulated some of the geographical areas. Lets look at the contrast between Mumbai and Vidarbha. While Mumbai is the financial capital, Vidarbha suffers from poor growth and known for farmers suicides. In order to boost balanced growth and create more job opportunities, the government needs to focus on the following:

Encourage development throughout: Instead of focussing on cities like Mumbai and Pune only, the government needs to focus on economic development of small cities also.

Industrial infrastructure: Development in infrastructure will not only help in the growth of the state bu at the same time will create job opportunities.

Improve the sate of agriculture: Improving upon the farming and irrigation facilities will increase the yield. It will also help in bringing the situation of crisis under control and thus prevent the suicides committed by the farmers.

Development of small and medium industries: This is one of the ways to prevent unemployment and create job opportunities. Vidhan Sabha Elections 2014


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