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Communism! The worlds biggest Hypothetical

Updated on July 23, 2015

How has it been implemented?

Anybody that has graduated high school has at least the slightest understanding about what communism is, and especially what countries have used it. We have seen communism in The Soviet Union, China, North Korea, Vietnam, and more.

Now where did Communism come from and what exactly is it? Communism was created by Karl Marx (1818-1883) and was first implemented by Vladimir Lenin (1870-1924), in Russia circa 1917. Nearing the end of World War I Russia retreats and drops out of the war do to a revolution occurring in Russia. This revolution was to topple the previous Czar (Baron like) Regime. Russia started struggling and as a result Vladimir Lenin swooped in and seized power and used the system he learned from\ Marx, Communism. From then on communism had grown and continued through Russia until 1991, and spread through various different countries and started many revolutions, one most notably in China with Mao Zedong. Communism in a very simplistic sense is the idea that people work for the betterment of society. Everybody is paid accordingly to your ability and are given simply what you need to survive and continue to work. The idea of Communism is to eliminate poverty, destroy classes and class discrimination. It is to build up the working class man so that everybody will be helping and contributing equally to the society in which they live in. Described by Marx in The Communist Manifesto, the state is the law and the state has ultimate power, basically the way Communism can work is with a totalitarian government so that everybody meets the standard and works their fair share.

Communism....has never been correctly implemented. Communism almost exclusively can only exist with socialism as the economic standard. The totalitarian governments that have claimed to be "Communist" have all tried and dipped their toes into the socialist waters, but so many things go wrong. People aren't properly compensated to their abilities, people tend to be lazy or take advantages of the socialist programs to help the less fortunate. Then the government, in a effort to save their country, and their ultimate power. They tend to censor so that others don't see the issues, they paint the country and the government infallible, and they begin the mass murders. There are so many issues that have stopped communism from being full realized and successful. The issues that countries face destroy communism and paint it as a terrible idea that can't and will never work.

In every single country that Communism has and still is the form of government and economics, has simply failed. No country has ever or as far as we know will ever be truly and successfully communist, and socialist. How do we correctly implement it and what would it take? How can it be properly used and would life be better? How tough could it be to turn communist? Well let's find this out!


The What Ifs???!!!

Here is where we come to all the big fixes to Communism. This is why it is the biggest hypothetical in the world. The amount of fixes and tweaks are so vast and numerous, so this may take awhile.

First of all we need to fix human beings, because so many times communism has failed due to humans. More specifically the biggest issues are the citizens of a communist society, not the government. Citizens of a communist society tend to have it easy in a sense. What do you have to do as a citizen simply work your fare share to contribute to society. Everybody needs to work their fair share to contribute to each other and help each other to maintain housing, food, medicine and medical care, and various other services of infrastructure to the country. Now what was the original problem with that? There are plenty of people that are hard working, plenty of people are willing to help and contribute their fair share and even ones willing to work beyond the quota to help others or to make life better. Then there are plenty of other people, that are absolutely lazy, will take advantage of various services and programs, both for personal gain and selfishness. Now in a perfect communist society, nobody would be lazy and everybody did their fair share. What if nobody lazy lived and worked in this society? What if nobody took advantage of the services? What if people did their fair share?

The government comes next with several issues underneath. Communist governments tend to be run by dictators. The totalitarian attitude that is given to the government is simply wrong. The best way to make a communist government work is to simply have little to no government. No you might ask, how exactly does that work? How can this society, that relies so heavily on people providing not have tons of government influence in laws and regulations. To this I say, in a perfect communist society all we need is government for the change, and infrastructure. Government should have a very heavy hand in regulating the society at first, deciding how much food is needed, how many people need to be fed and what needs built and so on. A government is defiantly necessary for the transition. However Communism is supposed to be run by the people, by the working class and the working man. What if in a perfect communist society the government just dissipated? What if the people simply regulated themselves and adjusted accordingly. Now a small government would be necessary for keeping tabs on everybody to know the growth of the society and the population that way they can continue to meet standards and everybody's work is distributed evenly among the crowd. Next communist governments tend to censor their people, more specifically in times of crisis and struggle, anyone speaking against the government, and especially art, or free speech and expression of most kind. But how can a government change that? How is it possible to maintain the country and the society without censorship? Well in a perfect communist society there would be no need to censor anybody against the government, simply because anybody against it should leave. For a perfect communist society to run properly it needs full support from its people. Now I am against censorship of any kind at all, I believe it stiffens creativity and damages people when you censor them, in any form. Communist societies have so far tried to make everybody focus simply on the state, the state is law the state is life mentality. That is simply wrong. In a perfect communist society, where everybody is working properly together, everybody is contributing perfectly, it should leave time for free expression. That the government could not, would not, and should not censor. We are human beings, we crave creativity and originality and expression. We would never be able to do that if we have a government breathing down our necks telling us we can;t express. If people can;t express then people rebel, and that is when crisis happens. Crisis is so easily avoidable if government simply stays out of personal lives and simply maintains a much more personal, business oriented strategy.

One problem with many societies, specifically capitalist ones like the United States and most of Europe is that so many people have an unfair advantage or unfair disadvantage. There are so many factors that can prevent so many excellent people realize their full potential. They can't afford college, or they don't have the time to go to school. They needed to drop out to help their families. Health problems, medical is too expensive, takes too long, not enough doctors. There is so much potential in so many people that are completely unused and untapped because of social boundaries and borders set up by life and the society that they live in. Sometimes it is just impossible to reach their 100%. In a perfect communist society, education is free, food is free and you are supplied with almost exclusively what you need to survive and be very healthy. Yes there might not be any fatty foods, or very few but that is because we need the best of society to make sure that everybody is in peak healthy conditions to maintain working for the betterment of the people. If education was absolutely free and medical care was absolutely free, and especially fast acting we would have a much larger, much more well maintained communist society on our hands. However this brings us to another issue that we come across, what of the educators and the doctors, what incentives do they have?

Probably the biggest issue at hand to preventing a perfect communist society lies beyond the farmers, and beyond the Manuel labor force. You can't have every single person working the fields to provide for the people. We need people teaching these people,we need doctors and nurses and everybody on board to help those people working in the fields and doing the heavy lifting because we need everybody in peak physical health and conditions. Well in a perfect communist society there would be incentives, so often do these people go without being properly compensated. The best way to go about it would have the government provide shops and entertainments and various ways to have fun and live life with fun. Of course this would need a little money would need to be thrown into the mix to help incentive's people into helping for the betterment. Now these opportunities can't be exclusive to doctors and educators and such. It must be absolutely obtainable by the common man,

I could go on with many other subjects as to how we could fix communism and hopefully provide a much better life for people and hopefully eliminate the helpless and poverty. Many of the subjects I listed are the biggest issues with communism, the issues here are what stops those societies from flourishing and thriving, and it is what fails to give communism a good name.


Will It Ever Work!!!!!?????

Will communism every work? Will it ever be done right? The truth is we don't know. Maybe one day in the future a strong leader comes along to lead the work to a work oriented, equal society. We can only hope that one day many of the issues humanity faces will be fixed. Not to be cynical but we can probably assume that it will never work, that it will never be implimented right.

Governments love power too much to give up most of the power after the initial shift. Once the government stops regulating so much lazier people will take advantage. People are mostly too lazy to live in a society that their main focus would be to help everybody out. While we as a people fee inclined to help each other out, it is much more in our nature to be selfish, watch out for ourselves and live life the way we want to live it. We are naturally creatures of greed and I am willing to admit I sure am one too. I would love to help people out I would love a perfect communist society. However people are too imperfect, governments are too imperfect, and societies are too imperfect to handle the amount of care and precious planning and action it takes to run a communist country.

To put it simply NO it will NEVER work. At least not in our life time.


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