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Community Partnership Inclusion

Updated on April 19, 2019
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Positive Police Presents

Inclusion is very important when attempting to bring communities together with police involvement. However, Police Officers have had this sigma over the years as being hard to deal with and unfair when it comes to protecting and serving communities. On the other hand, in urban communities, police tend to profile minorities which brings a divide and dislike for law enforcement. There have been many unfair laws targeting minorities over the years.

The Local Police department has seen an increase in crime and wants to face these issues head-on with the help of community input. It is time for a change in the way we handle crime. Today we will be introducing a new community policing policy for our department. First, we will cover four main topics to help us improve and build a better relationship in the community that we all serve.

1. The arrest of offenders 2. Crime prevention in neighborhoods 3. Improvement of the overall quality of life in the community 4. Partnering with neighborhood watch members It is of great importance to prevent crimes before they occur. We have taken an oath to protect and serve the communities that we patrol. Bringing communities together could impact great change bridging the gap.

The not knowing of stopping by a patrol car wondering if its due to the color of your skin is terrifying. Community input could help keep the peace in the community by having everyone's voice heard on issues that arise in the neighborhood. Consequently, this could lead to better crime prevention and acts of deterrence. Based on my research if police departments are working together with the community, they serve it could help to reduce the crime rate, and the people in the community overall will have a different outlook on law enforcement as a whole.

It is important for the police that interacts daily with the community to be trained on how to interact professionally without judgment, as well as training community members on basic police procedures so that they could have a better understanding of one another's positions. Many citizens in Los Angeles believe that most police officers were bad people until they meet an officer named Officer Aceves he works for Los Angeles, Southwest Division.

Not to mention Officer A has been a great representation of a community police officer. I work in a group home with teens on probation, and they have a strong dislike for police, but office A has befriended each and every one of them, the residents have gone out to amusement parks with our local police department, and so many other community events that officer A has sponsored. The residents are correspondingly happy to see Officer A whenever he visits our facility.

I work in a community where the crime was high, but because of the heavy presence of friendly police officers, the crime rate has dropped. Community policing will work over time, but it isn't comparatively easy if both the community members and the police department do not come to a medium. The police must understand how important it is to have community support, but it is equally important for the community to maintain a positive line of communication with law enforcement in their community and work in harmony.

From experience, I have seen this work first hand. • The success of the overall program will be determined by the drop in crime rates • The relationships between the community and the police department through surveys from both the police and community members. • The success of each community program • The opinions of city officials 1.1 Our goal is to get the community involved and build trust, and a structured community.

Which involves police and community members collectively helping in the effort to change the crime rates, by assigning officers to areas in the community. Officers will walk around designated areas within the community, also, patrol vehicles will routinely patrol assigned areas – more interaction with community organizations – such as neighborhood watch, etc.

There will be a development of improved neighborhood programs such as Food programs, youth camp, Neighborhood watch including a community ride along with programs for youth, and community development. Establish a more ethnic and racial make-up of our police department that more closely matches the community we serve. Recognizing the needs of the communities by attending town hall meetings, and sponsoring community fun days for families.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2019 Andrea Lee


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